Unforgettable ~ Week of 3/18/12

It just amazes me how the networks think with renewing shows. This one has gotten so good and it’s still on the chopping block. I just don’t get it.

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I love what they are doing with Fred and Carrie. I think that was so good and the ending when Carrie met with him again and said she is going to get him and he referred her back to the zoo and there she saw that he wrote he can help her find the murderer of her sister. Brilliant writing if you ask me. It’s going to put her in a real position now. I love how they took down Benedict. Jo and Carrie I like their relationship real well and Jo just adds so much to this show. I’m so glad that they aren’t going on, and you were right, about Roe being reinstated. I’m glad they just did it. Carrie was up to her usual pushy self and I’m sorta overlooking all this with her because I think this is getting so good. Great episode. It’s ratings are so good…it still stymies me why this hasn’t been picked up. I almost forgot to mention Carrie and that fucking red dress. It was horrors but her cleavage was something else.

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2 thoughts on “Unforgettable ~ Week of 3/18/12

  1. I thought this was a good show. Carrie was her usual overbearing self this week. That is one of the major things i DONT like about the show. She and Jo are so good together. I love that they brought Jo on. She is a saving grace if you ask me. Eventually Fred will lead Carrie to her sisters murderer. What a cat and mouse game it is. I was happy about roe too. And that red dress was unbelievable. I didn’t like the way it fit her with her boons looking like they were going to fall out..i was uncomfortable FOR HER…. sometimes covering up a bit is better. Do i sound like an old fuddy-duddy or what?????? Lol.

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