Unforgettable ~ Week of 2/6/12

I’m shocked that they say this show could not be renewed. I like Jane Curtain. I’m anxious to see how she does.

From TVGuide On the Set: Jane Curtin Is Ready For Prime Time in Unforgettable

I really like Jane Curtain on the show and think she is going to be the one that helps Carrie find out about her sister. Seems to me that this story is going to continue because “Fred”, I think that’s the name Carrie called him, is still alive. I was sort of shocked at that one. Tanya, the techie chick is also a good character on the show. I think that her and Roe could make a good couple actually. I liked also how they added some humor into the show and it wasn’t all serious. It was a good show this week.

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4 thoughts on “Unforgettable ~ Week of 2/6/12

  1. I thought this show was excellent and i totally agree with you that “Fred” will show up again. With them giving that little hint at the end ahem the woman called him counselor i was sure this storyline isn’t over
    I love the part Jane curtin is playing too. She adds a lot to the whole thing. I have to say Carrie is my least favorotd character on the show. She always rushes around not listening tl anyone. Its a good show tho….)

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