Unforgettable ~ Week of 10/17/11

Well Carrie is going through some jealousy issues big time. I don’t think she likes Elaine, Al’s new girlfriend at all and her loins are still moist and yearning Al I’m sure of it. I think that dirty cops are all over the place and that they will do anything to get what they want. One thing I like about this show is that they don’t make Carrie remember all at once. I also think that Roe has the hots for Carrie and he looks like she could chew him up and spit him out LOL

From TV|Line Ratings: NCIS and X Factor Lead Night, Ringer and Unforgettable Up, Last Man Standing Down

From TVGuide Ratings: Man Up! Debuts with 7.8 Million Viewers

From Zap 2 It TV ratings: ‘Last Man Standing’ solid, ‘Man Up’ so-so; ‘NCIS’ and ‘X Factor’

I’m copying my comment left on this article LOL:

How in the hell is Hawaii Five-0 on the Bubble. Same with Harry’s Law and Unforgettable. They all have high viewership. Yes Harry’s Law is a mere 7 million…but that’s plenty if you ask me. These frickin’ big networks are beginning to disgust me. I’m gradually going to go to networks like AMC, Showtime, HBO, Starz, A&E, TNT etc. I’ve started watching shows on those networks and they draw 1.5 millions viewers and they are hits and plenty of them have no commercials. The big three networks need to wise up and keep the shows that many of us like on the air.

From TVGuide 11 Bubble Shows — Which Will Survive?

4 thoughts on “Unforgettable ~ Week of 10/17/11

  1. this is such a good show. i really like how she can remember stuff that they havent even shown at the time, like the kid at the snack bar. didnt even know she has seen that. i dont think al is a very good looking guy. he just doesnt look like a guy that would have not one but two girls after him.. i feel sorry for al being the only one believing in his friend that got killed. i am sure he and carrie will end up together in the long run. it may atke a while but it will happen i’m sure. so glad that jim wasnt dirty but like you say there are dirty cops everywhere it seems… good show. i love her…

  2. what a good comment you made.. at least when i read the bubble list they have taken hawaii 5-0 off the list. that was impossible and i think they knew it. the other shows we watch are ALL really good shows and it pisses me off that 7million isnt enough. you can tell those idiots dont know what they are doing. all it is is the almighty dollar…. and harrys law?????? i can believe it. what a crock..

    1. Well believe me yesterday it was there. Those damn idiots. And wait until you see this week’s Harry’s Law…amazing.

      I’m so glad that they are going to dig into Carrie’s sister and her death. That needs to be solved:

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