The White Queen ~ 8/24/13

I think the magic just adds enough to this show myself. I enjoy it. You are so right about Edward. He better start believing what Elizabeth says or his days are going to be numbered.  I liked how even Elizabeth’s daughter was blowing when the conjured up the storm. Very clever I thought. And you are so right about George et all when Issy lost the baby and he said they have to have another before Edward.  All I could think is that he was going to somehow have Elizabeth miscarry but I never thought that they were the only ones on the ship and no one would know. Very clever thinking. Margaret is something else. I’m glad Edward killed her brother just to teach that bitch a lesson. She is only after one thing and that little brat of a Henry doesn’t even like that wench. And her husband…I guess when you get a hint of the love juices to start flowing you will believe anything your hag has to say. I certainly hope for Elizabeth and Edward they have a son.  I thought that birthing scene was one of the best ever done. That poor Annie having to reach in a turn the baby. Was a perfect scene. I love how smug Edward’s mother is with Elizabeth as well. I’m really enjoying this series. It doesn’t appear that it is going to be on next Saturday.

One thought on “The White Queen ~ 8/24/13

  1. such skullduggery…. I just love it. that Margaret beauford is a basket case and that stupid husband of hers is an ass to believe that she had nothing to do with jasper. … and that little son of hers doesn’t even like his mother… loved how eliz conjured up the storm and then Isabella lost her baby and George said they have to have a kid before eliz who is already p.g. how he can accomplish that is beyond me unless he finds a little baby and pawns it off as theirs. they are on that ship so nobody knows except her family. Edward is quite the sap to forgive warwick so handily and then have him stab him in the back again!!!!! this is a good show but the magic makes it good on one hand and really unbelievable on the other….

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