The White Queen ~ 8/17/13

I must say that they are moving this show right along and don’t dilly dally. The thing I’m not liking is because it moves to fast that it’s hard in the beginning to keep up with all the characters and who is on whose side. I was wondering also wondering if that is Henry VIII but after looking up in Wikipedia I think he becomes Henry VII. But enough of that. I thought Elizabeth only put a curse on 2 people but I could be wrong. Of course she has had three daughters. Wouldn’t you know. It amazes me that women back in that day had no say of who they were going to marry. And did you see those two young kids get married? I don’t think they had to wait for any age either. I have to say this isn’t my favorite series. But I’m going to continue watching it. I like the magic/witchcraft but again they are making it very confusing of who is who. I also don’t like the fact that the king has so little power. I guess I’m just use to Henry VIII. It was his way of the highway but a King getting captured? Doesn’t make sense. Warwick is an ass and I hope he gets his. I’m going to have to pay more attention to the ads for Dancing on the Edge.

One thought on “The White Queen ~ 8/17/13

  1. I went onto wikepedia to read about this show and it sure is not getting rave reviews from the people that give rave reviews… but I really like it. I am so sorry elizabeths father and brother were killed. warwick is such a beast. he sold his own daughter to get what he wants… three years have gone by and there are three little princesses and no prince… I think this show spans a long time and I think maybe that little boy whose mother is Margaret ends up being henry viii – a tudor… see if you think that is right. and I am so damn glad eliz put a spell on those 3… I hope it comes to pass. I just love eliz’s mother. she is just perfect in her role and btw I don’t think eliz is very pretty myself… such a good show. and I am going to watch dancing on the edge on starz when it starts in oct. such good shows they have.,, so glad you started me watching them.

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