The Voice ~ Week of 4/8/12

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I was so disappointed in Pip. I think his song choice was horrible. The same with Mathai. What is with the song choices. I just didn’t care for either on of their performances last night. I enjoyed Kim’s performance a great deal but she is no Adele that’s for sure. Katrina and Karla were both okay but nothing to write home about. Tony was okay and it amazed me that Christina couldn’t even look at him when she was talking about him. So I’m going to say that Pip, Mathai, Kim and Tony to move forward. For Team CeeLo I tell you Juliet and Jamar hit it out of the park. They were both real good I thought and I think Juliet is going to be the one to beat hands down. I did like Chessa better tonight. Tony picked a song that didn’t allow him to showcase his real talent. I don’t like James at all but I think he’s going to be safe tonight. Erin didn’t do much for me either. So I think moving on tonight will be Juliet, Jamar, James and Tony that move on. We shall see. I think Christina was a bit harsh last night but I think someone finally needed to do it. Blake drove me nuts concentrating on what was on the stage with the singer.

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Well for Adam’s team I got three out of four. I’m sort of amazed that Katrina got saved over Kim but that’s the way it goes. Also got three out of four for Cee Lo’s team. I’m happy that he chose Chessa but as with Kim, I’m surprised Tony wasn’t picked.

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Tuesday’s ratings:

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As much as I hate to say this I think team Cee Lo has the strongest team:

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