The Voice ~ Week of 4/22/12

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Well my favorite in the competition is out. Poor Pip. I think he chose a real bad song and just wasn’t up to par. I was glad to see James Massone go home. I’ve never liked him and have never figure out how he made it as far as he did. I didn’t like Mathai’s song choice at all but I think she is going to make it through the eliminations tonight. Katrina also picked a crappy song I thought. It fit her but she is the one that I think on Adam’s team who is going to go. Tony killed it I thought with his song and this is one of the best performances I’ve seen from him. I think he’s definitely staying. As for Cee Lo’s team, again I’m glad James is gone. Cheesa, and I’m sorry to say this with her being from Hawai’i, is going to be the next one to go. Jaymar was excellent. He owned the song last night and of course then there is Juliet. She’s actually becoming my pick to win this whole thing. I’m not a rock ‘n roll fan but she kills it ever week and she doesn’t even try if you ask me. So tonight I think Katrina and Cheesa are going bye bye. Poor Pip.

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Well I went 1/1. It was Mathai that went home for Adams team. So for the semi finals we have:

Team Christina
Chris Mann
Lindsey Pavao

Team Blake
Erin Willett
Jermaine Paul

Team Adam
Tony Lucca
Katrina Parker

Team Cee Lo
Jamar Rogers
Juliet Simms

Looking at this I think Team Cee Lo is going to have the winner. I right now am leaning towards Juliet, but would be happy with Jamar and Erin as well. We shall see.

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