The Voice ~ Week of 4/15/12

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Team Blake and Team Christina don’t energize me a great deal. I have to say I was totally shocked that Jesse got sent home. I loved Jesse’s song and how he sang it. Just shocking to me. Jordis, was way outside her comfort zone and in this stage of the competition I don’t think one should do that. You gotta come out rocking. She wasn’t pleased to say the least. In all honesty I would have sent Jermaine and Ashley home. Now remember that’s the coaches choice. When America gets to vote, I’m doomed and going to have to put up with him yet again. I haven’t been a fan of Jermaine’s from the very beginning. To cocky of an attitude for me and I don’t care for his voice. It’s too damn high and he over sang it. Ashely is just to plain for me. RaeLyn is a little bomb shell. I think everyone better watch out because she is going to be a spoiler in this whole competition I think. Lindsey was all right and is getting better. And what the hell is the matter with Erin. Didn’t you listen to the coaches last week when the said that doing an Adele song is almost a death wish. And then she comes out again with another one this week. She has got a set of pipes on her I tell you. She’s got to stop with Adele though. She might be lucky to get enough votes. Chris Mann did a great job with his song. It’s was so different. Loved those women with the violins. So for Team Blake we are left with RaeLynn, Erin and Jermaine. Team Christina we are left with Ashley, Lindsey and Chris. I’m going out on a limb here on Team Blake. As much as she is one of my favorites and I want her to move on I think Erin is going home. Poor song choice. And for Team Christina since she made the coaches cut I’m going with Ashley going home. I think she has the weakest team of all four. And Christina please shut up and don’t talk so much at the end like you did.

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Yeah…Erin is saved. I’m so glad. Poor RaeLyn. And I called it with Ashley. Glad this week is over actually.

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