The Killing ~ Week of 6/10/12

I so agree with this first paragraph:

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First of all it was Rosie, Ames and Jamie that were in the elevator. Gwen wasn’t in the video. All they can get on her right now is that she had the campaign car that had Rosies body in it and that she lost her key card. Same with Jamie and the key card but he is in the elevator. I think the guy that called Richmond, and then later Jamie showing up, was his grandfather, the one that they keep talking about. That’s all I can figure who he is. I can’t stand Mitch. That bitch having the gall to say what she did to Stan and Terry. I don’t feel bad about Terry either. There is something more to that woman than we have been lead on because she is involved with Ames. I really loved that the older son wouldn’t have a thing to do with her. Was glad that Holder and Linden talked the chief of security into knowing that Jackson would turn her to the wolves just as much look at her. Good thing they did so they could get the tape. Yeah i liked Linden and Holder smoking all the time as well. They are so good with each other. I’m also glad that they figured out Ames was going to screw his wife over with the company. So with Terry going out with him I’m suspicious of her. Somehow I think that it still going to be Ames that killed Rosie myself and maybe Terry was with him. I’ll be anxious to see the finale next week.

From Zap 2 It ‘The Killing’: Moving closer to Rosie Larsen’s murderer

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  1. I agree as well. She is so good and this week is so good. I love her and holder always smoking and that dude that plays holder is SUCH a good actor. I cant believe mitch has the nerve to chastize ANYONE after what she has done. I feel sort of sorry for terry getting thrown out like yesterdays garbage now that mitch is back. Loved how stinky butt told mitch off too. Now to the murder. I cant figure out if gwen and jamie are in it together or if there will be a real surprise in the finale next week… i loved the way holder and linden just tracked that cd down from that hatchet packer by making her suspicious of the head honcho woman. And that was good to see rosie, jamie and gwen all in the elevator. I know i am stupid but who was the guy darren went to see and then jamie came in… i have forgotten that person. I think jamie and gwen were in it together and killed rosie.. but if i can only pick one it would be gwen. My third suspect is the chief woman jordan? At the casino. Great show. Those 2actors are superb. Loved linden screaming in that womans face that she was a piece of shit for putting that picture in her apt and she lost jack after that…..

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