The Killing ~ Week of 4/15/12

First I am so glad that Linden and Holder have sorta of kissed and made up. They are so good with each other and they can talk and say anything to one another.It is so good how they write more and more things into the show, like Monica this week. She is the widow of someone that Stan killed when he worked for the Mob and I she is going to give him grief I bet because the young kid is the sone of the guy that Stan killed. Revenge is sweet. Korvarsky shows no mercy to Stan. I think he let’s him get away with more than others but Stan better watch out. I bet he winds back in the mob and or dead. I really like how the kids are with Terry, especially the oldest boy. The did that so well when Stan asked him if he they were making fun of Rosie and he looked at them and said no. And his feelings toward Terry, I can understand. Yeah If I were her I said I’m gone as well. I liked that Linden went to her friend, I can’t remember her name to get the goods on the boy. She’s one tough broad. And wouldn’t you know Linden’s ex is starting a custody hearing. It was good that they did this because you are so right I think that Linden is thinking about her childhood and seeing the resemblance. I love this show.

From Zap 2 It ‘The Killing’: The man with the tattoo gets a haunting backstory

3 thoughts on “The Killing ~ Week of 4/15/12

  1. I was confused at the end when monica went to stan and said do you know who i am??? I have not remembered who she is… lol. I think linden is remembering her childhood while trying to find out about alexi. He is a handsome guy and i think he killed rosie… those poor sons of stansare the ones i feel sorry for along with jack. And if i were aunt terry i wouldtell stan and those kids to buzz off and i would get the hell out of there. I knew richmond would fall with that little worm trying to heft him into the wheelchair. I think they are portraying a person who becomes a parapalegic just perfectly. I amsure he will shape up and will most likely win the election.this was a good show. I like how quiet linden is. She never says a whole lot, but she is a lousy mother…..

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