5 thoughts on “The Killing ~ Week of 4/1/12

  1. What a great show. I had forgotten how much i like linden. And she is off of holder like dirty shirt. He has really screwed up and i was glad that crappy cop told him what a loser he is. So the politician was trying to commit duicide?????? That was a shock to me. Now the bastard is paralyzed forever….that little weasel assistant of his is a feisty little dude. Hewas about half the size of the guy he fought with in the locker room. So mitch is still gone and stan is out for revenge now to involve janex in it. Belko turned out to be even crazier than i thought and good riddance. Lastly, the only thing i dont like about linder is the way she drags jack from pillar to post with her and then leaves him alone so much. Great great show……

    1. I’m so with you on Linden. She is one of my favorite characters of all times. And you are right about her dragging Jack all over by like she told him he is her son. I like how they interjected the dad. Well I was sort of amazed that the politician tried to commit suicide. If only that dumb Gwen would have been honest up front maybe he oust have been shot by Belko. I felt bad that he committed suicide and boy Stan is out for revenge. Yeah Linden is sure off holder for now. But that dirty cop that gave him the bad info which Linden figured out wasn’t good evidence is a piece of work. I think they, the dirty cops in the PD, are all in the back pockets of the mayor that is running for re-election. But I don’t think this is going to last long that they don’t get along especially when Holder tells Linden that he still has Rosie’s back pack and that the examiner lied. That’s gonna bring them back together. I wish Mitchwas back. I men I like Terry but she is no Mitch. And ho do you suppose is photographing Linden? Wonder if that’s gonna be part of the bigger story line. I’m so glad this is back. It’s one of my all time favorites.

      From TVGuide The 10 Things We Learned from The Killing’s Season 2 Premiere

  2. I totally forgot to mention that someone was photographing linden when she was in the car. I cant imagine who is doing it.

  3. Lastly the ten things from watching the new show was good. I particularly liked the comment about richmonds weirdo campaign manager…. and looks like mitch will be back. Its just how long do we wait????????

    1. Yeah I do think that it’s the beginning of a new story line. I loved the 10 things and yes Richmond’s campaign manager is weird. He’s so pissed at Gwen right now he can’t see straight. Mitch does need to come back and soon to be a part of this.

      Sad to see that the ratings were down but at least the core audience wasn’t down that bad:

      From TV|Line Cable Ratings: The Killing Premiere Takes a Hit, Shameless Ends Season 2 on a High Note

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