The Firm ~ Week of 1/8/12

Well it premiered tonight and will move to Thursday. Am anxious to watch it.

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Well I really enjoyed this show. I loved Tammy, the secretary. I was shocked at the ending when the new firm was spying on Mitch and it was all a set up to get him to come into the new law Firm. I love all the different plots and story lines that go on and can’t wait to find out about the chick that is on trial for the murder. And the mafia son, who is now the boss, being in school and being shown the picture of Mitch, gonna be good and I think that his new law firm will come in and help him out of that situation somehow. I thought this show was very well done. I can only hope that NBC gives it some time to find an audience. But it going on Thursday against some stiff competition, it’s going to have it’s work cut out for it. I really enjoyed it. The ratings sure were anything but good.

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5 thoughts on “The Firm ~ Week of 1/8/12

  1. I thought it was very well done. Full of suspense and drama. I think mcdeere is perfectly cast and his wife is homely. I love Juliette Lewis as Tammy the secretary. Loved her face when they wouldn’t let her smoke.. sheer agony…. i am anxious to see about the murder and the chick on trial too… i am suspicious of Roy, the brother. I hope he isn’t telling the people mcdeere is running from where he is all the tome. And felt sorry for his poor little daughter when she thought they were going to move yet again.i don’t know if the show will make it long enough for the trial yo come to a conclusion ….lol lol. Already looks bad,,…

    1. Yeah I really like Tammy. I never thought of Roy being a snitch. You could be right. Time will tell if there is enough time for this show LOL. I really liked all the side plots going on.

  2. Well I’m liking this show more and more and last nights episode was just as good as the premiere. I love how Abby treated the girl that cheated in her class and didn’t let the cat out of the bag for her daughter. I was shocked that the insane guy really did kill all those women. It’s getting more and more interesting about the case of Holt I think her name is and the old lady that she is accused of killing. The computer seems to be the key there and Andrew (you know he was Mahajan on Detroit 1-8-7) I think is going to end up helping Mitch and screwing that bitch boss he has. She’s a piece of work I tell you. I know you like Tammy as I do but I looked in her credits and I don’t know her from anywhere else. I do like her character. I think they have a great cast and crew and again hope that NBC gives this a chance to grow. I was glad that the son got found and is owning up to his mistake.

    Well the ratings look exactly like Prime Suspect if you ask me. We can only hope they give this show some time, unlike those bastards did with Prime Suspect:

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  3. I so agree with you about how GOOD this show is… i think it is so well done and i like the cast of characters. I did remember that guy from the Detroit show too. Thought the mom handled that shifty little Chester perfectly. I think the cop son killed his mother. Brest show and cant wait tor the next one. That bald guy was a scathe person …..

    1. Glad you remembered him. I take it scathe is scary? LOL I’m glad you like it also but I think the ratings are going to dictate how long we watch it.

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