The Firm ~ Week of 1/30/12

Again they are moving this way to slow now. I’m thinking that the mob might end up helping Mitch et al with solving this whole thing with the law firm setting up Mitch. That son surprised me by not putting out the hit on Mitch hence my thinking about them. I thought the guy talking to Claire was with the law firm. That surprised me. At least she got her phone. Love Tammy so much. She just makes the show and solves most of the stuff they can’t figure out. That wedding ceremony thing was a riot. And her smoking while she was going through those files was just too much. She is awesome on this show. But as I say they need to move this along. At least we know that the guy that killed himself did give Mitch something.

Well I think this is the beginning of the end for The Firm. Too bad. And I’m not going to watch Awake. The ratings are sure shitty. Too bad:

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2 thoughts on “The Firm ~ Week of 1/30/12

  1. I thought. The show was good this week. I was so fearful for that cute little daughter when that gangster followed her around in the museum…and i agree with you that the son may end up helping mitch. And that shitty judge..don’t you wonder how often they let their feelings enter into their decisions??? Just loved Tammy the whole show long. Such a cute character. You are so right…too slow moving but so good….

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