3 thoughts on “The Bridge ~ 7/31/13

  1. loved kittys little conversation with charlotte… that kitty doesn’t back off from anyone… I think marco could be in trouble for taking that money from fausto since I think he is a drug dealer. loved it when fausto threw that nail polish remover in tonys face. that old gabriela is a cold hearted bitch I think. frye is just a drunk and I bet he doesn’t make it thru the seaso n without getting killed. what was gedman doing on that video? and he was soooo drunk. that girl called him a bunch of names.. so funny. I think charlotte wants another go at marco but kitty wasn’t about to leet her near him. with the tunnel open again there should be a lot more activity around charlottes casa. her stepdaughter is a snot. love sonya and she is the oddest character ever. ,,,,,, good show but I don’t get some of it for some reason. its too much for me. that linder is scary I think but he did save that girl. but I wonder if that church is all its cracked up to be….

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