The Bridge ~ 7/17/13

This show is so good I can’t stand it. I see what Connor means about Sonya. You can tell she’s got something and how she just went into the bar and picked up the dude, screwed him and then went back to her police work. I like Marco and his wife. At least there is one husband that remains truthful. I enjoy how they are with each other. What a difference between the Mexican and US police agencies. So much more illegal shit going on but there again they have those drug cartels to deal with. Valdez is one mean son of a bitch and I wonder Eva means to him. Mendez is going to make a good partner to Frye and how smart she was to figure out those coordinates. I couldn’t imagine where they were headed and the minute the turned off the road I knew it was going to be where those illegals immigrants were. Very good writing. I feel for the woman that got away when the car stopped for her. I think it’s Valdez myself because Linder was at work. And for Sonya to figure out the bead and it being there was also very good. Back to Valdez, when he killed the neighbor I was so hoping she would get him but it just wasn’t to be. So I’m assuming the Linder is the killer and if Valdez is after him I don’t see that this case is going to last long so they have to throw in some sort of curve ball. And last but not least. Charlotte. I so loved it when she dumped the three bean salad on the attorney’s desk and threw the money back at him. That tunnel is still going to be important part of this show. How different this is. I like how we get to the the cultural diversities in this. Hank is good with Sonya. Sorta reminds me of the relationship between Saul and Claire on Homeland.

2 thoughts on “The Bridge ~ 7/17/13

  1. I so agree that this is such a good show… you just never know what is going to happen next.. that sonya is something else. the sex was so slam bam thank you maam and then she told the boss she had had sex. she is quite the character. I love her oddness. she sure zeroed in on that bead and then to find another one in that plastic bottle. frye is a smart ass and I don’t care for him, but he is sure lucky to be alive. that girl who works with him is pretty sharp and she figured out those coordinates really easily… I love marco and his wife too. funny when she told him she was p.g. and he has had a vasectomy… they didn’t wait long enough before they got the love juices flowing … lol. I felt so sorry for that fat neighbor lady getting killed by valdez, I was hoping she would get the best of him but that was a pipe dream…. and you are so right about the tunnel and charlotte both. I loved the salad thing too.. and I think that attorney is lyle Lovett.. I like how very real this show is… its king of sickening at times but still so damn good. I cant wait for next weeks show….

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