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Fargo ~ 4/22/14

Poor Molly having to deal with Bill being the chief now. She so knows that there is more to this story and that Lester isn’t telling what he knows. I’m so hoping in the end of things it is her that solves the whole case. Vern’s wife sure didn’t seem upset that he was murdered at the party but they all act so strange there LOL I couldn’t believe with a double homicide that the police wouldn’t check Lester’s house more thoroughly and find that hammer. That bottle of whatever it is he found in gordo’s room is going to be used on that hammer I’m sure. Gus and the married next door neighbor were funny and then to find out she’s married. I never saw that coming. And him talking to his daughter, if only she knew what happened. I just love Lorne and how he behaves with everyone. He can talk his way out of anything and then when the grocery store owners bodyguard came over and he went right to the toilet to take a shit. Too funny. Did you hear they even made the water sound like a piece of shit hit the water. Too funny. So it’s the aerobics instructor that sent the note. He’ll be in big trouble. I love the deaf guy and his helper. Everyone up there doesn’t care if they kill anyone or not. What a way to die being thrown in the lake under the ice. I don’t much care for Lester’s brother and sister-in-law. They are sort of duds if you ask me. Do you also notice at the warning for the program after the commercials it looks like it’s snowing? Clever and clever show also.

Bates Motel ~ 4/21/14

Unless I missed something I don’t get where you think Romero thinks Norman is innocent of killing Miss Watson? He wants to make sure they didn’t convict an innocent man and I think this is one of those times that Norman blacked out and he just doesn’t remember. I think he took those pearls when he came out of the blackout and she was dead and he panicked and left. Romero wants to find out how Norman’s semen was present there and therefore maybe he did kill her. I think it is one of those times we will never know. Romero to me has a little mans syndrome. He is so nasty with everyone and I wouldn’t be amazed if that cop that discovered the semen ends up dead the way he threatened her. I loved how Norman is being with Norma. She’s getting a little bit more frazzled and its good to see that. Loved all those birds he put out just to annoy her and did you notice him picking at the feathers after Norma left? I love how he is standing up to her. I also was proud of Dylan for standing up to Nick and saying he will kill him if he bothers his family again. I wonder what has happened to Caleb? LOL I don’t think Norma went and had sex with George as a substitute for Norman I just think she was so mad she went back to him. She sure as hell didn’t seem to be enjoying it. George needs to tell her to buzz off. I think Zane is going to be the next one to bite the bullet so to speak. Seems like his sister even gave her blessings to that. He’s way out of control. I’m also thinking it has to be Nick who kidnapped Norman or Romero. We shall see. He is a very scary person which makes him so intriguing. Good show.

Fargo ~ 4/15/14

I had no idea that this was based on the movie Fargo and further more had no idea the movie Fargo was about this. I thought it was about some hick western movie LOL. When I told Jackie and Scott that this new they started talking already about the movie. I have to say I am hooked on this show already. Those bangs on Billy Bob Thorton are just too funny. I love how he gets thrills out of causing doubts in everyone and then either they kill or go out and hurt who they are pissed off at or he does. I bust out when the eldest idiot kid of Hess started beating the shit out of the other and then Molly charging them and ending up in the air and all of them falling on the ground. And then him telling the boy to piss in the gas tank and he calls the hotel manager. Too good. I think Molly is gonna be good and just needs self confidence. Vern handled her very well and I’m glad she told her dad she doesn’t want to be a hostess and wants to remain a cop. I was shocked at all the killings and if I were Lester I would have done Pearl in about the day after the wedding LOL I am amazed that Gus let Lorne go but the way he talks and the stare he gives off I guess I would have done the same thing. Lester was pretty smart to go running into the wall so he would get hurt. Again stuff like that was just too funny. Vern calling the guy in the woods underwear panties LOL I felt so bad for Molly having to tell Vern’s wife that he was killed. I didn’t know this is a true story either. The thing I’m confused out however, is in the beginning of the show they said the names and stuff were changed out of respect for the dead. But I believe it said this took place in 2006 and Scott said the movie was done much earlier. I checked and it came out in 1996 so I’m assuming they just changed it to 2006 just to change the dates out of respect but all the appliance etc seem and look like it was done in the 70′s or 80′s. I’m probably over thinking that and I will just have to let it go. Excellent show.

Bates Motel ~ 4/14/14

Poor Dylan. That guy gets beat up more than anyone on the show but I’m glad he snuck off into the overgrowth. I hope Nick’s men don’t find him. Did you read where we know who Zane’s sister is? I put it in last weeks post. I tell you Norman’s black outs as we know are the root of all his problems and I am glad that Norman confronted her and told her to tell him. Of course she wouldn’t. Imagine just getting on the council and this happening. That female cop wouldn’t let up and now that they have matched up Miss. Bates DNA to Norman I wonder what is going to happen. I sorta felt bad for Romero seeing Norma hug George. I think he really likes her. So Cody is moving. I guess we have seen the last of her, at least for a while I think. We shall see. Emma was good with Norman. They are like a brother and sister and when she talked to Dylan I thought for sure he would go see Norman but I guess not. Norman seems to be getting more and more balls against his mother but I think something is going to happen to reign him in. Norman sure doesn’t like George and something is going to happen there I bet. Zane was nasty to Dylan about his sister but I think he told him the truth. I thought for sure he would be nice to Dylan after saving his life. Only 3 more episodes.

Grimm ~ 4/11/14

I agree with you that this was one of the best Grimm shows they have had on. I loved all the plotting and twists and turns that they went through and you are so right that it tied up a lot of loose ends that we haven’t known. I felt so bad for Adalind. I loved it when she turned and all the windows in the cars shattered. I can’t figure out what they are doing having Mama Grimm take Diana. It just doesn’t make sense and yes Adalind is going to be super pissed off but I can’t believe she isn’t going to get her back. I love how Diana does her little thing and how Mama Grimm told her they are going to have to teach her not to do that in public. And telling Hank, Monroe and Rosalee the truth and bringing them into this was excellent to. I don’t know how they think this plan is going to work because they didn’t kill the prince et al. Seems to me like they are still in the same place before the resistance from Germany, and yes Monroe your German sounded good, stole Diana. I love Mama Grimm. She is one tough cookie. No Juliette that didn’t hurt my feelings much. Yes I wish Drew Wu would be on more LOL.

Grimm ~ 4/4/14

I knew you would correct yourself. So my comment on Unforgettable isn’t for not LOL I loved how this was all about getting Adalind and the spawn back. I love how they turn the baby’s eyes purple whenever she does something. And as for Renard being the spawn daddy we are assuming that because Adalind said he was. I think it fits and I hope it doesn’t change. I was so glad they finally said how the Wessen get to tell that Nick is a Grimm. We have wondered that for years. And by the way this show just gets better and better. I felt bad for Meisner when Adalind said goodbye. He has helped her so much and I hope that he returns. Same with Sebastien. Mama Grimm left off right where she left off and it’s so good that she’s back. I loved the reunion scene and then Nick and her talking about killing Adalind’s mom and Nick making Adalind loose her powers. That was just perfect I thought. Did you notice when the head of the royal family killed the head guy looking for Adalind there was no blood in the room or when they were dragging him? I guess we aren’t suppose to look for that. Rosalee’s wedding dress is just perfect on her and I hope they change it to the day for their wedding so the sunglasses aren’t so hard to explain. It was good when Juliette, who yes I did admire for her helping Adalind and the baby and did look good, harassed Nick about still being found out. Was a great show.

Bates Motel ~ 4/7/14

As I said in Dallas, they always do things just to fit the show. On this one, it seems to me, that it was a time line problem. Norma sees the beer cap from Norman, that seemed like it was the next day and in the very next scene, Dyan is getting released from the hospital. But again, oh well. I loved Zane’s sister’s house and that marijuana set up was interesting. I loved the conversation about dirt. Of course we knew she would get the love juices flowing with Dylan. I thought it was very bold of her just to enter his room without him telling her to come in. I think she is smart to get him to watch over Zane and actually run the business. Dylan has his head on pretty straight and anyone is an improvement over Zane. And yes we have seen Zane’s sister before. She was Kitty on Boss. She has longer hair or that’s a wig. She’s also going to be in Murder in the First. I so wanted Emma to succeed when she jumped with that rope. I felt so bad for her but was proud of Norman for helping her and sticking up for her. I thought Gunner would do that but it seems like to me now that he is just using her. I can see why Norma did what she did about Norman blacking out and him not getting his driver’s license but that sure did set him off. I wonder if he is going to be mad at Emma for telling her. We sure do know what happens with Cody giving out that information. Yes it was an accident and I think he will be locked up for a while, at least it looked like that in the previews. I liked the flashback to him and Norma when he was a young kid. How coincidental that he killed his dad and now Cody’s dad is dead after he hid int he closet. Good writing. Yes Norma is going to cause havoc on the council and I hope she realizes that Nick is a bad guy. It seemed like she did when she called the deal off with him. I liked the scene with Christine’s brother and her. He is so right, she is the product, not her knowledge. I wonder if Christine is in cahoots with nick and they are trying to set Norma up. Did you hear her say Pine White Pine when talking to the mayor. So her. Back to Cody I love how she always come with that music blaring in her car. It so pisses Norma off. And yet another sign and I think they might get Romero and Norma together when he mentioned the curtains. Those love juices have got to start flowing soon LOL. By the way I read today that it has been renewed for season 3. Another 10 good episodes :)

Bates Motel ~ 3/31/14

I guess you didn’t pay attention or remember when I corrected who Nick was vs Jake. We have known all along that Nick is in the drug business and he is in competition with Zane and his supposed sister who we met tonight because Bradley killed Gil. Zane took over for Gil. You could be right because I find it hard to believe that Zane has all that money to take care of Dylan’s medical expenses so that might be Nick’s wife and Dylan just doesn’t know it. I’m sure we will find out next episode. Nick I think you are right is using Norma to do his dirty work and if he double crosses her he’s gonna end up at the bottom of the ocean like everyone else has that has pissed of Norma LOL. Norma was so full of herself delivering that stuff she got to the city council. One thing I was shocked about is the head of the council getting killed. I suppose Nick had a hand in that and like you say is going to blame Norma. I liked the scene with her and Romero. I was hoping they would swap spit but I guess not. I bet sometime in the future they end up together. You are so right about the shoot out in the middle of town. It’s like no one gave a crap. I hope Gunner is good to Emma. Yeah he might want to start his own pot growing farm but who doesn’t do something illegal in Ocean View or where ever they live. I just hope she doesn’t get hope and I’m glad that Norma took the time to talk to her about having sex. I loved how Cody was with Norma. Norma met her match with that one and again I think she could end up in the ocean if she pisses Norma off. I like how she has taken Norman under her wing but there sure is something up with her dad. I didn’t even once think that she would be dead in the tree house. Norman is too smitten with her. One thing I keep forgetting to mention is that damn old phone in the house. I just love that.

Da Vinci’s Demons ~ 3/22/14

You know I don’t care how off this show is about the history of Da Vinci I just like the magic and mystic of the show. It’s like Da Vinci coming up with the blood transfusion. How clever that was and how he wades through all those old notes to find it and then has dreams is quite good. It looks to me like Lucrezia and Zoroaster are going to be history. I loved them out on the plank and when he said they only thing I didn’t get to do was fuck you LOL. I am hoping they don’t really die. I like how they started the show in the New World. I was sort of confused until they went back to six months ago and picked up the show right where they went off. I am sure that Lorenzo is going to forgive Da Vinci because he helped him live through that transfusion. I’m telling you Clarice sure has hell doesn’t need Lorenzo to run the city. She held her own and telling that Captain if you don’t go looking for Lorenzo I’ll have your title and your testicles LOL One tough broad. Looks like Riario and Da Vinci are both held captive in the New World. I enjoy him and Da Vinci always trying to out do the other one. Can’t figure out why Riario saved Nico and who is the papa of Vanessa’s baby I wonder. Good show.

Grimm ~ 3/21/14

I just loved Monroe and Rosalee especially at the end when Monroe was going to bed and she said not yet and appeared in that little outfit. I thought that was the best. And then there is Nick having that nightmare of their wedding. I loved how they made the couple on top of the cake Wessen. When they were having dinner and Monroe asked Nick to be his best man I never thought that all the wessen would see Nick as a Grimm. I’m glad that they covered that in the show. They sure did make the royal people that were chasing Adelind et al be idiots and not be able to track them in the forest. It was so conveniently done so they could get back to the car. I felt bad for Sebastian (I think that’s his name who is helping Renard) getting killed. I was so hoping he would get them all but wouldn’t you know he would run out of bullets. Story line this week was sort of lame but it fit the circus theme. Looks like Grimm is gonna be off for a week or so but it looks like Mama Grimm and Adalind make it back to Portland. Her trip back has been sort of boring. I’m glad she’s getting he powers back though, slowly but surely.

Grimm ~ 3/14/14

Yeah I’m interested to find out what happens with Drew Wu as well. I thought that his was the only real interesting story line this week and you are so correct that Juliette was even worth watching when she went to see him. I think this is going to be on going with him and I sort of hope that they never tell him so he continues to act the way he is. I think if he knew it would take away the quirkiness from him. I couldn’t remember Alexander either but I’m glad that Nick relented to their demands in burning that anubis and I loved how they all turned themselves into the Wessen. After work I’m going to look more into Alexander and try and remember when he was first on. I also enjoyed Adalind and the guy taking care of her especially when he had the twin and all of a sudden it was gone. I felt bad for Renard’s contact and him having to go through the water being poured all over him. You are so right about the royalty that wants them. They are right on their tails. But I’m sure they will escape because we see Mama comes back.

Grimm ~ 3/7/14

I agree…Drew Wu ROFLMAO I just bust out laughing. Yeah I’m also upset that the clan is leaving Wu out of this. I’m hoping that they get him out of the nut house by telling him the truth. How can he be a cop if he’s gone to the nut house? I liked this story line that they did. It’s so typical that most couples cannot stand one of the partners to have a close friend of the opposite sex. I liked the wessen even though it was disgusting. Monroe and Rosealee weren’t on much yes but I like how they are always a part of the solution. I’m glad the mother explained why she need the fluid (I can’t spell the first word of it LOL) to make her live. It’s going to be interesting that they live in Portland so I think they are going to be on again and I bet they are going to be brought back to tell the truth to Drew Wu what’s going on. I was glad that Juliette wasn’t on much either. I still don’t care for her. Love how Adalind gave birth and yeah that daughter of hers as got powers also. Excellent again this week.

Grimm ~ 2/28/14

I felt so bad for Rosealee when Monroe’s parents came over and Nick showed up. I’m so glad that Monroe stood up to his parents. That little ritual that Alice and Rosealee did was pretty cool and I’m glad that the dad came and helped Monroe and Nick. I missed having Hank involved in this more but I guess they had to make it that way. It was interesting to see that they had to cut the hair to kill them. I didn’t see that coming at all. Adalind I think made the right choice however I don’t think this is all over yet for her. Looks like she has the little bambino next week. She sure as hell wasn’t given any special treatment.

Grimm ~ 1/24/14

I just love that Monroe and Rosalee were on so much and that it is so much about them. It was so cute the way he proposed to her and gave her the diamond ring through the clock. Monroe’s parents are something else and it took so long for them to get on I was getting mad and then to make this a two parter and for the second part we have to wait until after the Olympics. I felt so bad for Rosalee when they found out she wasn’t a blutebot (sp) like Monroe but was glad that she dug out. I couldn’t believe that guy made a coat out of all the scalps. Adlind sure is getting close to having the bambino. I so enjoyed how they made you see it’s face and hands in her belly. Looks like they might be bringing Nicks mother back, or at least we aren’t done with her yet. Somehow she has got to be related to Renard’s story line going on with Adlind and the royalty in Austria. Good show.

Grimm ~ 1/17/14

Well you got the comments in the right post LOL I cannot wait for next week when Monroe’s parents come. That look like it’s going to be real good especially when they find out about Nick. I really enjoyed this show and when they went to the CO I couldn’t figure out how he was going to play into this but they wrote it perfectly having both of them be manticores and then for the CO to die for the woman soldier, who yes is the reporter on The Bridge. I thought for sure she was the killer. What I don’t get is when they arrest these Wesen why they don’t change into their character It’s like they just fall over and play patsy LOL. I’m still not liking Juliette. I don’t care how much she helps them. She’s butt ugly. I really enjoyed Monroe and Rosalee as well making up with the family. I think the sister is going to be someone to reckon with in the future. She’s going to be on Monroe like white on rice if you ask me threatening him like that. Adlind was so good with the guy Renard is having her followed with. That spawn devil is getting close and I can’t wait. Real good episode.