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Grimm ~ 12/13/13

I have to say the scenes with Monroe and Rosalee again stole the show especially the last one when she put the xmas decorations back up and put the beer and cigar out. I was sort of taken back by her reaction at first but it was well worth it. And poor Monroe he was so sad. They are always such a good couple. I have to say I loved seeing Bud and that was one of the best Santa Claus’ I’ve ever seen. I loved how they made him and put those ankle bites in his bag. Seems like Renard has played his hands with all those people over in Austria by saying he has a Grimm. I didn’t see that coming but you know it had to come out sooner or later. Looks like there is still going to be a battle over who runs things but I think he’s got all those people on his side. Adalind and her playing with her belly in the mirror I liked that as well. She and the bambino are going to be the key to all of this. I was shocked that Renard wasn’t going to trust the guy that’s been working for him all this time. That came as a bit of a shock as well. Sgt. Wu was too much on the first episode. Wouldn’t you know he would be claustrophobic and still think it was alligators. I wonder how long they are going to keep him in the dark. And Nick having that flash back when he put that arm band on. We still aren’t done with him and the problems he had killing that guy.

Grimm ~ 12/6/13

Well this was a pretty good show again. I think they are setting up the Gausan, however it’s spelled, to be the next step with the show because it seems to me they are going to get done with Renard’s family deal and move on. I think that’s pretty good myself. It will be interesting to see who the Council is and what they do. I loved Rosalee and Monroe trying to explain what happens if two different Wessen have a kid or a non-Wessen and a human. They have such a sense of naivety between the both of them. Juliette was sure front and center in this episode. Could you imagine if that was your kid and you were talking with a Vet? LOL I noticed they never mentioned that. I was also glad when Hank said to slow down and talk plain English because I was just as confused as he was. Looks like Nick is continuing the book. This series has gotten so much better since it first started. By the way. Low Winter Sun has been canceled. That doesn’t surprise me. ‘Low Winter Sun’ canceled by AMC after one season

Grimm ~ 11/15/13

This was one of my favorite shows they have had on because I liked the Wesen that they portrayed this week. You can tell that Nick still is not well because of how long he stayed under the water and then was sort of weird when he came up. Hank noticed it right off the bat. I wish we could have seen more of the mermaid and the story the two sisters told was very good about their mating rituals and then about the two from Alaska cutting Emly. Monroe and Rosalee, especially Monore, need to get over her moving in the house. I like the little scene with that butt ugly chia thing. That was good. Of course Juliette saw the email from M. I wonder why Nick got that and who sent it. I didn’t pay close enough attention when the showed it. I just looked at the two and not the from. Wonder if it was Renard. And it’s a good thing he figured out Adalind. I enjoy how they are progressing with that part of the story.

Grimm ~ 11/8/13

Well now this show seems to be getting back to it’s roots which is good. It looks like we are going to be dealing with Nick and his condition for some time to come. I just loved Monore and Rosalee when they were talking about moving in together. And then when Nick shot Monoroe I was so glad when they both looked at each other. I knew then and there he didn’t kill him. Those pigs were something else. Pretty good when they were all behind the service line and having them all in a row. Adlind has now been discovered by Renard, or his henchman so this should get interesting now. And I hope that Nick listened to him when he told him he has no qualms about killing Wessen but when it’s regular folks. I hope that put him on the right path and that we don’t have to deal with him all season with this. Loved Adlind crying red tears also. Pretty cool.

Grimm ~ 11/1/13

Adalind is one of the best parts of this show right now. I love what she is having to do to get her powers back. All that sickening stuff and the chick that is helping her laughing and smiling all the way. I think the Zombie part is going to be over now because of the previews for next week. Looks like they are going to get back to the shows format. I loved it when Hank said he wished he could do that. Now the only one that needs to know the big secret is Wu. That would be the icing on the cake. I sure hope that Nick is over wanting to turn himself in. I can’t figure out who Renard is still talking to that got rid of his brother. I think this is still going to be a big part of the show and I still think Nick’s mom is going to be a part of this as well. Monroe and Rosalee I just love them. The are so simple but yet such an important part of the show. Juliette I could care less about LOL She is just not one of my favorites. Good show

The Blacklist ~ 10/14/13

This is the weirdest show that I think we have ever watched. What I don’t get is Reddington ended up with Lorca on his jet and it just seems to me that he could have saved Lizzy all the trauma she went through but I guess to make it a story we need to see her go through this. Reddington always saves the day with Lizzy and the FBI standing there with their thumbs up their ass. Now Tom getting the brochure showing Angel Station for their vacation might start getting us some answers as to who he is. They are taking too long for us to get to know what is up with him. And of course now Reddington took the photo from the Stewmaker, I loved that name, and we have to wonder who she is. And he killed him for Lizzy…that makes sense because we still don’t know where she or Tom fits into his life and they need to get that taken care of. I’m getting tired of this. And the FBI is watching Lizzy…I wonder if they know about Tom and are trying to keep it from her. There are too many unanswered questions up in the air if you ask me. I loved the Stewmaker I must say and loved how he used those chemicals and how he set everything up. Very weird how this show is done.

The Blacklist ~ 10/7/13

I have to say that this is my least favorite show that we are watching. The only intrigue now is who the guy with the apple is and why he is watching Kizzy and tom’s house. I wonder if he is the one who put up the surrvelliance system or who is he working for. Redding ton seems to be the logical choice but who knows. I didn’t get this storyline this week. No one has seen Wujing but Reddington knew him and they seemed like buddies so why have him arrested and what was the point of the encrypted message leading to another informant. I guess just that he was American is why they wanted it. Toms seems to know something is up with Lizzynand after she had the bullets analyzed and it’s confidential why not ask him about this shit. Makes no sense

The Blacklist ~ 9/30/13

Well I think this show is just okay myself. Some of it makes no sense to me at all. How Reddington was sent away on the boat, comes back, the old lady that called the shots saying he’s not getting immunity and in the next scene they are in the restaurant. I don’t get it. And then when she signed off on his requests she said he’s going for full immunity. Well then what the hell did she give him by signing something. Anyway yes the big deal is how Reddington knows Lizzy and Tom. Of course she opted for the third choice that he gave her and he’s not going to say anything to him about finding the passports etc. I was shocked they made Floriana the bad guy. BTW thanks for the info on her. LOL I didn’t see that coming and what’s with Lizzy and the pens in the throat LOL This show is weird to me and I’ll stick with it, it’s just not on my top list LOL

The Blacklist ~ 9/23/13

Well I have to say that this first episode didn’t grab me like Ray Donovan, The Bridge or Graceland but there is enough to keep me coming back for a while at least. I want to find out Reddington’s connection to Keene. I’ve read he could be her dad but I think he’s more connected to her spying husband. I sure didn’t see that coming. One thing that bugged me is how he got that tracker out of him and on the terrorist leader. That was to convenient for the show to track and kill him. It just seems to me they have to keep it more real. I loved the scene with Keene and the dog. There was so much going on in this. I hope the develop the secondary characters better. Spader does nothing for me in this show at all. He could issue the plot in the beginning and then never be seen again if you ask me. Not bad but not the best

Grimm ~ 5/7/13

I was so pissed at Nick when he started going after the chick and then relieved when Monroe and Rosalee figured it out and I am so hoping that this is the end of Juliette and Nick being at odds with each other. Seems like she is just going to accept what has gone and and leave it at that. We shall see. Hank must be really hurt. I wonder if the ex-wife is going to come on the show next year. I loved how Monroe was with Nick when he came to the house and then dug out. He sort of gets prissy but maintains. I loved the ending and how Nick basically fell apart and Juliette was there to help him. Wonder what Renard is going to think now.

Grimm ~ 4/30/13

Well I guess you were right about Hank. He must be hurt and still on vacation in Hawaii.This was a very good episode. First Renard and Nick talking more about those damn keys and Monroe, in the bow tie on his date with Rosalee, knowing about that map. I like after the talk that Nick and Renard agreed not to trust each other basically but in the long run they sort of have to. What a good character the character was this week. To think that they are extinct and in the long run on their way to Alaska to be with others I liked and the fact that Nick let them go. It was pretty disgusting that she was eating ovaries. Rosalee is sure one tough cookie and I was amazed that Nick let them go but I thought that pretty good. Juliette going to Monroe with that picture. I hope she takes his advice. Wu of course with those looks he gives everyone and his little smart ass attitude. I just love him. I’m real anxious to see this thing about the keys and now that we know how many have been found and how many more they need. Good show.

Grimm ~ 4/26/13

This is the last Friday for this show. It moves to Tuesday, which makes me very happy that it’s finally getting a better time slot. And it follows The Voice, which I know you don’t watch but what a great lead in for it.

Not a bad episode. Did you notice that the queen that Adlind got taken to was I think the chick on 24 and in the first season of Homeland? So she is carrying royalty, still that doesn’t answer if Renard or his brother is the proud daddy, but I sure did like how she said she didn’t want the money just her power back. Hank leaving for Hawai’i was too funny. Did you notice while he was being wheeled down the hall he was still waving like Queen Lizzy? LOL too funny. Also liked that they brought Bud back and him and Monroe really getting into the soccer game and trying to get Nick out of the doldrums. Didn’t work very good. I liked the Volcanalis and the husband whose wife was killed by him. Nick letting him bash the shit out of him when the froze him was poetic justice. Loved how the eye kept glowing and then froze as well. Let’s hope this is the end of Juliette and all the Nick’s. I’m so hoping they get them back together and get on with it. One thing I do like about this is the woman she goes to how they both speak Spanish. Just an odd little twist. Sgt. Wu naming all of those volcanoes and then posing in that door way cracked me up. He is just so odd that I love his character. I wish there was more of him on the show all the time like this episode. Good show.

Grimm ~ 4/15/13

I have to say that Juliette is driving me nuts as well. If she is seeing all these visions of Nick why the hell doesn’t she just get back together with him. I’m sure it’s her way of getting her memory back to find out that Nick is a Grimm but get on with it. And what purpose did the Spanish chick serve? I didn’t get that. When this trial first started I thought what the hell is that brown mist. LOL I loved that he ate toads and yes I did see the breath freshener and I loved it when Monroe was chasing after that damn toad. Too funny. One good thing about this episode that was pretty good was it wasn’t a case that Nick and Hank were working on. I loved it that Renards brother realized that Adlind was glowing. I can’t wait to see who the papa is. She lost her powers when she had it out with Nick last year. I’m sure she is going to get them back. I’m liking how slow they are taking it with her and the keys and royalty. I think that is going to be what this series is all about so they need to take it along at a slow pace. It is good when they bring back characters from previous episodes and they so keep them in character. So good, even bringing Nick’s mom back just via a message. Very good.

Grimm ~ 3/29/13

Well poor Nick. Get’s all pissy with Monoroe about wanting to take Juliette there and at least he told him that if he doesn’t she’s done with Nick. I’m liking that back story with Renard and I think it’s going to be fun to see how it all plays out. I wonder if Adlind’s name is on that list. I so like Wu as well. He would be a game nerd and puzzle solver like that. He’s been so out of the picture for such a long time that’s it’s good he got more lines. Loved it when he said this: I spend my life gaming, just me and my cat. LOL All I could think of during this show was Laurie and Renee playing that WOW. LOL The sister getting pissy with the guy when he tries to help Nick and Hank LOL I so pictured Laurie. I also hope you caught when the case first started and Hank said he hopes it’s not a Wessen. Very good again this week.