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So You Think You Can Dance ~ Week o0f 7/8/12

Boy there are a lot of good performance I tell you. I thought the performance of the night was Lindsay and Cole with that Paso Doble. I was amazed that Cyrus did so well. There are so many good dancers but to keep this short I think the bottom three are going to be Boys: Daniel Baker, I just didn’t like that dance and don’t really care for him, Chehon Wespi-Tschopp – I don’t think his good looks are going to carry him. He was just off I thought, and Nick Bloxsom-Carter – Was just plain horrible and I think he he doesn’t pick it up he’s the one to go home. Girls: Amber Jackson – Her and Nick just looked off, Janaya French – she is just plain old boring and Alexa Anderson – again I just didn’t like that dance. Amelia Lowe was pretty good and as I said she has the judges eyes all the time. Gonna be interesting and some good competition I think this year.

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So You Think You Can Dance ~ Week of 6/24/12

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So glad she’s back:

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So You Think You Can Dance ~ Week of 6/17/12

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I for the life of me cannot figure out how Cyrus keeps making it through these rounds. The only thing he does well his is own Dragon dance and I was glad the other two got eliminated but for him to keep going is just amazing to me. ALexa is also driving me nuts. They just keep pushing her and she just keeps crying. If she doesn’t make it to the top 20 I’m going to be amazed just because of the way the judges are. I mean if they keep Cyrus, Alexa is a shoe-in. I didn’t think I would like the belly dancer, Janelle, but I’m liking her more and more every time I see her. I was sad to see the mom of the two kids go…again I keep going back to Cyrus. How he makes it and she doesn’t is amazing. Amelia is driving me nuts and I was glad that she had to dance for her life. I would have sent her home but I’m sure she is going to be a top 20. The two blondes from Salt Lake, Whitney and Lindsay, I like them both really well also. I hope they both make the top 20. My favorite male is Chehon that ballet dancer. He can move like no others and is going to be hard to be. So Athletic. Well next week we get the top 20. They sure did get rid of plenty last night.

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So You Think You Can Dance ~ Week of 6/3/12

I have to say that the three guys that did the robot thing were good but I sure didn’t get the spectacular that all the judges did. I am anxious to see if those guys can dance any other style at all. I really liked George Lawrence. I thought he was all power and was excellent. Courtney Kirby (the girl with the grandma there) was also powerful and sooo good. I really liked her. I didn’t much care for the belly dancer but she is beautiful. I think that Janelle Issis, the chicken dancer, should have been put directly through to Vegas and couldn’t figure out why they made her go to choreography. Sometime I just dont get the judges. That Tim Conkel was good and personality plus. Danielle Dominguez, the bacon dancer, I didn’t like much either. Guess it helps to have a mother that was a cheerleader. My favorite of the night was Asher Walker. The country boy dancer that did the hip hop in the blue tennis shoes. Personality plus. I hope he goes far.

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So You Think You Can Dance ~ Week of 5/27/12

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I couldn’t believe Marshea Kidd was pronounced dead and in a coma just six weeks ago. Boy am I rooting for him. David Matz and that ring thing was pretty awesome. I knew he wouldn’t move on though. The one I liked also that didn’t make it was Caley Carr the surfing dude. I’m anxious to see Cole Horibe. I think he’s going to make it into the top 20. I liked the martial arts. Eliana Girard was by far the best female dancer and just the fact that Jasmine Mason is sister to Marshea I liked her too. Not bad auditions.

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So You Think You Can Dance ~ Week of 5/20/12

Gonna be some changes starting tomorrow :) Should be good.

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It’s hard to comment on the auditions because we don’t know them yet. But I tell you there were some real standouts to me. Bree Hafen for one and I think it was because of her two kids. I loved that but I think she is a wonderful dancer. My other three absolute favorites were Shafeek Westbrook, Hampton “The Exorcist” Williams and Chehon Wespi-Tschopp. Shafeek doing that story about 9-11 was totally awesome. Hampton and that exorcist routine was also awesome. So different. Cherhon is so powerful. Leo Reyes wasn’t that bad either but I think he got a lot of sympathy vote because of his mother. Amelia Lowe, the very first dancer I didn’t see much I liked but boy they sure did love her. I felt bad for that Japanese guy. At least he knew he couldn’t do what was to be expected of him. My favorite of the night though was the dude with Autism. I was so damn proud of him even though he didn’t make it through.

Fringe ~ Week of 5/6/12 (Season Finale)

John Noble deserves the Emmy hands down if you ask me:

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I so love the rant at the bottom about Fringe. So True:

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Fringe ~ Week of 4/29/12

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I can’t believe that David Robert Jones reports to Bell and that Bell has turned evil. I thought it was so typical Walter trying to convince everyone that Bell is alive and no one buying it. I loved him acting crazy at the Hospital but he sure found what he was looking for. And putting Pigs brain in his cake and after it was done having Bells finger prints and the almond smell…Walter is brilliant. They cannot have Alex die. I love how she said to Walter Alex? And that she loves doing all the things she does for Walter. It was hard to remember she’s an agent and her Ninja like move was real good I thought. But they can’t kill her off. Someone Walter has go to save her. Or maybe she’s wearing a bullet proof vest. And Bell coming up and talking to Walter, his old friend. I’m very anxious to see where they are taking that and I do hope that Jones is really dead. I loved it when he said he was the Bishop. Seeing his face melt did wonders for me. And Olivia wants kids big time you can tell. I can’t help but feel that the girl that was the guinea pig is going to be some trouble in the finale next week. We shall see. And how Olivia got those powers is beyond everyone but I’m sure Walter will help her figure it all out. Great episode. Ratings went down some pffft

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Fringe ~ Week of 4/22/12

If they took it in this direction I would love it. I’ll take it any way we can get it:

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I’m encouraged by this not only for Fringe but for Harry’s Law:

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Great News:

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I thought this was a very sad episode especially for Walter and I dearly loved the conversation he had in the hall with AltWalter and how they sat in the same position and then the tears coming down Walters face. But I thought what was also excellent was when Peter put his arm around Walter after they closed the bridge. The goodbyes were something else. How AltAstrid just did her little wave, Lincoln deciding to stay and telling Peter home is where the heart is. Olivia and FauxOlivia talking about the rainbow earlier and then Olivia telling her to keep looking up. It was a brilliant episode and if John Noble doesn’t get an Emmy I’m going to be so pissed off I won’t be able to see straight. Then for him to admit he’s going to miss them David Robert Jones using all those kids from the study and then how Nick has been so brainwashed by him. I was sure Olivia was going to get through to him. What he said about Walter is so true and I’m so glad that Olivia has comes to terms with it and I do hope that they wrap up this season with David Robert Jones deader than a doornail. Glad the ratings went up.

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Fringe ~ Week of 4/15/12

I couldn’t agree more with this article. I have never understood why he hasn’t won an Emmy for the work he does on this show. Friday’s episode was brilliant acting on his part and every week he does it.

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I don’t know why I didn’t figure out until the very end when Peter came up to Etta that she was his and Olivia’s daughter. Well I’m assuming she was Olivia’s. Especially when Broyles was informed that Simon, Etta and her Grandfather were on the move. I think it was pretty cool that Olivia wasn’t in the episode. I really liked how they did this with Simon and Etta and that coffee they had was something else. I love how when the broke Astrid out of the amber that of course Walter called her Astro and him just keeping Belly’s hand? Boy I can’t figure that one out unless it’s got something to do with Nina’s arm. Walter not being able to remember anything up front was pretty cool. It was also cool how they made Broyles look in the future. He looked a bit tired if you ask me. I’m also anxious to see if they address what Walter meant by Bell doing harm to Olivia. Can’t wait to see what that is about. Seeing all those Observes was cool and I’m glad that they brought up September as well. Captain Wingmark liking animals is how he got his reputation? Sure is keeping with the Observes tradition of weirdness. I also liked Nina and remembering that part of Walter’s brain was stored in Massive Dynamics. That whole thing when they were in the old building was pretty good and Walter not having his memory, he was so Walter. Fixing Nina’s arm. Wanting licorice. Excellent. Loved Nina’s older look too and she was talking to her son on the phone? That was a new one also. Did you notice the code to get into Massive Dynamics? 092112 9/21/12 The return of Season Five do you think? Ratings were up which is good. I was glad to see that. Let’s hope it’s not to late.

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Fringe ~ Week of 4/8/12

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OMG I loved walter in the sparkly robe. It is so something he would do. Just brilliant. I loved the talk he had with Fauxolivia and he actually helped her with the case. She was so good playing a drunk also and you can tell she is mourning still agent Lee’s death. I cannot believe it was Alt Broyles that was the mole and I like how he and Walter had the talk and it shows that a father and/or mother will do anything for their kids. I’m glad he didn’t put the device on that Jones gave him and gave himself up. You sure could see the happiness in Fauxolivia’s when Lincoln decided to stay in the Alternate universe. I guess he doesn’t need permission to do so LOL So Jones can destroy both universes. Wonder what he has planned. And another totally Walter thing was when he called Astrid Astro. LOL She just goes along with it. Next week it looks like we are in the future. Should be good. Damn their ratings went down.

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Fringe ~ Week of 4/1/12

Gonna be in the alt world this week :)

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Fringe ~ Week of 3/25/12

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I have to say that this was one of my least favorite episodes of Fringe. I guess I’m not liking how Olivia is being. She never forgets anything and yes I know this is part of the story line but enough already I felt sorry for poor Lincoln. He is so smitten with Olivia and for her to choose Peter he is like a little kid with a broken heart. I loved his expressions when he was drinking Walter’s potion to make him better and all the presents that Walter had for Peter was good. And the best is when he was reading the dirty magazine when Olivia came in. This thing with David Robert Jones has drug on long enough if you ask me. It needs to be over and done with. As I say, not my favorite episode. At least the ratings were up.

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