Spartacus: War of the Damned ~ 3/22/13

This episode could have been a finale if you ask me. How good it was. I was shocked that Agron left Nasir and wanted him to go with Spartacus but I can see why. He is no farmer but a warrior and Nasir isn’t all that much of a warrior if you ask me. I so thought that Agron would go with Spartacus and then to have Tiberius kill him. That little fuck and boy I was shocked what he did to Caesar. I don’t know why that didn’t surprise me but it sure shut Caesar up. And then for that little fuck to get Crixus. The way they cut off his head and had the reflection in that eye. I wonder if that was Naevia because it looks like in the previews she’s back with Spartacus. She’s going to be one vengeful bitch I tell you. You know Crixus is on Arrow so it shouldn’t have come as a shock to me that he would die. He could be on that show for a long time to come. I just loved this episode. Spartacus sure did let Laeta know that he’ll fuck her but not love her. That was a pretty intense love scene. Glad that Gannicus stayed with Spartacus but I knew that would happen. The goodbyes were excellent as was the whole episode. It’s not on next week and then only two more to go before the end. Damn!!

2 thoughts on “Spartacus: War of the Damned ~ 3/22/13

  1. OMG!!! what a show. i felt so bad when they split their group into two separate factions. i knew they were doomed. yes i saw crixis on arrow and am glad he has a new job. i thought the way they showed crixis losing his head in naevia’s eye was so good. that little shit tiberius is so nasty, but i wouldnt think that caesar is going to take that corn-holing lying down! !! lol. that kid had best watch his back. and spartacus with laeta was really good. i felt bad that agron made nasir stay back but it is better that he does .. and the previews show spartacus getting ready to go to war and i hope he kills crassus and tiberius. doesnt julius caesar live to rule rome? so i would guess he doesnt due. i feel so bad the show is coming to an end. i love it and feel so bad its almist over forever. has been one of my faves…..:(

    1. corn-holing ROFLMAO!!! You know I think they are going to do another series pre Spartacus that involves Caesar or maybe it’s post I dunnot but I think that’s in the works.

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