Spartacus: War of the Damned ~ 3/15/13

I cannot believe that Spartacus and Crixus got into yet again and it’s a good thing that Spartacus finally got thru to him. I thought it was ingenious to use all the dead people as a bridge to get over the trench. Pretty smart if you ask me. Tiberius and Caesar sure do not share any love loss. I like how the banter against one another and I think Caesar is going to come up on the short end of the stick especially since Kore didn’t kill Crassus and she left to join Spartacus. However, it might all be a plant on Crassus’ part that only he and she know about. It sort of amazed me that Crassus didn’t make Caesar the commander but as you have said, blood is thicker than water. Wouldn’t you know that the little wench, and I cannot think of her name, finally got Gannicus to share his love juices with her and his girlfriend senses it as well. Agron amazed me by letting the Cicilian free. His boy toy, Nasir, has him by the balls so to speak. I think Agron better watch out. I think the fights in the snow were done beautifully. There was still snow but yet it was more peaceful. I really enjoyed that. He’s gonna loose him. Good show yet again and it comes on so I can watch it now before I leave for work. :)

2 thoughts on “Spartacus: War of the Damned ~ 3/15/13

  1. this is getting sooooo good. i thought spartacus etal were doomed but they are tough as ever and of course survived to live another day. i thought it was ludicrous to see the slaves in all their short pants and bare legs in that horrible snow storm. funny!!!!!! so glad spartacus decided to storm that wall.. giod move. i was worried about naevia but she is pretty tough… gannicus finally gave that little doe eyed twit what she has been pining for for so long and his girlfriend is pissed. i was so mad that kore didnt tell crassus about his son tiberius assaulting her but i think he is going to find out soon. and i told you sparty would cozy up to laetle or whatever her name i and i think they go all the way next week after watching the previews…. sparty and crixus were sure at war. i dont know what is going to happen to those two….. loved the whole show…

    1. I forgot to mention Laeta…the love juices between her and Spartacus are going to flow and we’ve known that for a long time. You got to remember, Spartacus et al have been slaves. They are use to weather and shit like that. They are tough as nails. And I also forgot to mention that I loved it when they went in the tent and that slave with those words where on his body. Totally awesome.

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