Spartacus: War of the Damned ~ 2/8/13

Yes Tiberius is his name and I so wanted him to die. I hope Crassus makes him pay dearly for not following his orders. We shall see. Agron and Nasir, no that isn’t the first time they have showed that. They did earlier this season and the first or second season there was much more of that and frontal nudity. Agron really has to curb that jealousy I tell you. I think that guy that was naked in front of Crixus was the one that died and he pulled the sword out during the last battle scene. He was more of a friend to them than anything. I really dug Naevia when she bashed Attius’ head in. I think Spartacus needs to get a hold of his people better. He might be a Roman but I think he could have been valuable and Naevia could get in trouble for that one but we shall see. I really liked that scene I must say. Laeta best watch out for feeding those hidden Romans, but it seems like Spartacus gave her too much leeway. He has got to get better control of the city if you ask me and I think a lot of this show was him learning that taking over a city isn’t easy. Heracleo I liked him also but I don’t know if he can be trusted. Why would those bombs be at the ready like that from his ships when he flung the fire into the air? He could have been ready to take of Spartacus city and because they were attacked he had to think quickly. I’m not so sure I trust him. I was glad that Gannicus didn’t have sex with that young slave and he told her to stay away that that is the way she can thank him. Very good show.

3 thoughts on “Spartacus: War of the Damned ~ 2/8/13

  1. such a great show. i was so suspicious of that leader of the men on the boats but so far he has been a great help. that little shit son of craccus (i think his name is tiberius) SHOULD be dead bt i saw him in the previews for next week. i wonder if the sex between those two guys is a first? and did you notice the guy just walking along with his dong hanging out? i felt sorry for that poor black chick who had to fight that traitor. i was so glad she made mush out of his head!!!!! i think that roman wife who gave the bread to the romans who are hiding is going to be very sorry she is helping them… spartacus is a dunce to let her roam all over the city…. love this show….

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