Spartacus Vengeance ~ Week of 2/27/12

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Well I’m sort of shocked that Gannicus isn’t going to help Spartacus et al. He might but I thought that he would and I’m very glad that he had the talk with Oenomaus to clear the air about his wife. But if he is leaving what difference does it make. I highly doubt however he is leaving the show. I tell you I loved it when Ashur put the screws in more ways than one to Lucretia. I know that wasn’t right and it’s like rape but he sure did let her know how the boss is, even if he is a slave. However, Lucretia of course, sticking up for Ilithyia and telling her that they will get revenge basically I thought was pretty good. Old Glaber sure doesn’t care that Albinius is dead and he is letting everyone, including his wife. Varinius sure did hightail it back to Rome quickly. I loved it when he had Ashur get the men from Seppius. I’m assuming that he is going to live but we shall see. If he thought that his relationship with his sister was only known between the two of them, he sure was thinking mighty wrong. I can see where Naevia is having problems with being treated the way she was. The one thing I don’t like though is I think back in that era it didn’t matter what their feelings were. Slaves were slaves. Poor old Crixus tries to get it going with her and she just can’t do it. I hope they get over that part of this quickly. I love Mira. She is as tough as nails and when she shot Chadara with the arrow I almost clapped LOL The talk they had before in the woods and Mira telling her to use her arms and not open her legs I loved. I was surprised it was her with the map. I thought for sure it was going to be Gannicus. Good episode but not as good as last week I thought.

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  1. I was glad i was happy that Mira put the arrow through cadara’s throat. I didn’t like her. Mira set her straight too before she killed her. Lol… i felt sorry for Lucretia with ashur. And i want her and ilia to get even with all those shitty men. Looks to me like Lucretia gets the crapppy end of the stick next week tho … i feel bad that gannicus and spartacus ended up mad at each other. Spartacus could end up being sorry gannicus isn’t on his side.things change tho and gannicus could come back. I am glad Mr O i alive. He is a great part of the show. Ilia’s hubby who’s name escapes me (praetor?)has his eye on the young girl i see. Bastard!!!! Poor naevia. I can see that she would feel that way but i think crixic may lose his patience after a while… good bloody show! !!

    1. I keep thinking and always have on my mind the time era and what that kind of life style was. I don’t think that raping a woman like Ashur did to Lucretia was considered something wrong. I think those people back then just did what they damn well had to do. I love this show.

      1. I totally agree with you. And as i am watching i keep thinking that they bathed very infrequently…even the women so they were pretty stinky too. Funny what you think of huh?????

        1. LOL I’ve never thought about their bathing habits but I’m sure it’s right. What pisses me off is the women don’t have hairy legs and pits LOL

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