So You Think You Can Dance ~ Week of 6/3/12

I have to say that the three guys that did the robot thing were good but I sure didn’t get the spectacular that all the judges did. I am anxious to see if those guys can dance any other style at all. I really liked George Lawrence. I thought he was all power and was excellent. Courtney Kirby (the girl with the grandma there) was also powerful and sooo good. I really liked her. I didn’t much care for the belly dancer but she is beautiful. I think that Janelle Issis, the chicken dancer, should have been put directly through to Vegas and couldn’t figure out why they made her go to choreography. Sometime I just dont get the judges. That Tim Conkel was good and personality plus. Danielle Dominguez, the bacon dancer, I didn’t like much either. Guess it helps to have a mother that was a cheerleader. My favorite of the night was Asher Walker. The country boy dancer that did the hip hop in the blue tennis shoes. Personality plus. I hope he goes far.

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