So You Think You Can Dance ~ Week of 5/27/12

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I couldn’t believe Marshea Kidd was pronounced dead and in a coma just six weeks ago. Boy am I rooting for him. David Matz and that ring thing was pretty awesome. I knew he wouldn’t move on though. The one I liked also that didn’t make it was Caley Carr the surfing dude. I’m anxious to see Cole Horibe. I think he’s going to make it into the top 20. I liked the martial arts. Eliana Girard was by far the best female dancer and just the fact that Jasmine Mason is sister to Marshea I liked her too. Not bad auditions.

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  1. There were lots of good ones and i cant remember their names like you do, but i loved the dark haired girl who was one of the first ones on rhe show. She is wonderful and i think she will be a finalist. Also thought the girl whose mother kicked her out was good and was pissed when they sent her to chireography but she made it through anyway. Good! !!! And the brother/sister that were in the accident and he was in the coma were both good but she is better than he was and she has a good chance of going farther than he does. I too liked the guy with the hoop but how one talent could a person be. I loved the twins who knew they were too old to go through but they were funny. And sooo gay!!! Watched it last nite so this is about as much as i can remember. Mary so emotional and cute. I thought nigel was sort of crazy and i LOVE jessie tyler ferguson. Great show

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