Ringer ~ Week of 4/15/12 (Season Finale)

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Well finally Bridget comes clean and Andrew and Juliet didn’t take it the way I thought they would. I can see why Andrew would be so furious but I thought he would be nicer to her especially since she had to come clean because it wasn’t her that had the affair with Henry. So I guess those two are off to parts unknown. LOL Good thing Tim bought the company from Andrew and of course he had to tell Andrew about Shiv and Henry. Henry wasn’t as dumb as I thought he would be about the paternity test and I loved that he wiped out all her money and kicked her ass out of the house. Too good. And I also liked how confused Macawi when Bridget shows up after he has been chasing Shiv all over the house. That was a stroke of genius. But I think one thing bad about it was how in the hell does Shiv alude Victor and all of them at the house. I guess we don’t know if she did or not however and will find out if the show comes back next year. The wrapped it up well and I do hope it comes back but it’s ratings were so shitty. At least the ratings went up for the finale.

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2 thoughts on “Ringer ~ Week of 4/15/12 (Season Finale)

  1. That waas a great finale! !!!! I was sort of shocked that andrew took the fact it was bridget so hard and was even MORE surprised that juliet didnt go to bat for bridget with her dad. Shiv seems to me to be the big loser in all of thiswhat with henry taking her money and double checking the paternity results. That was good and so ws the haymaker andrew laid on henry.wasnt that macawu a short little shit to be such a tough guy???? Is he dead? ?? Or did they cart him off to jail? ?? And i am worried about next season IF it comes back. I dont want them to have bridget go back on drugs , but it would be good to have shiv and bridget get their relationship back on track.i want bridget to end up with andrew and juliet tho. So we shall see.. GREAT END TO THEIR SEASON…….

    1. Macawi I believe is dead since Bridget shot him and then so did Victor. But who knows. If it doesn’t go on they left it with a good enough ending. I wonder if it does get picked up if they really are going to have Shiv and Bridget make up. I dunno. One thing I forgot to say was I was sorry to hear that Malcolm is dead. Too bad. I think this was the best way they could have finished the season.

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