Ringer ~ Week of 4/1/12

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I swear…they are making Catherine the biggest bitch and character that you love to hate that ever walked. I couldn’t believe that she tried to kill herself and that it was the second time, albeit that the first time was just for show. Of course she conned her way into Juliet’s good graces who in turn talks that stupid Andrew into letting her stay and their house. So Bridget actually deserved what Catherine did to her by drugging her and making sure that Bridget didn’t get the phone. I loved it when the prints on the photo in the house where victor went ended up to be her’s. I thought that was going to be the end of it but I sure was wrong. And what a hoot for them to find the guy the bridget killed in the beginning of the season. I tell you they have more twists and turns. I have no sympathy for Henry. Everyone knows he killed Tyler, he’s a shitty father and his father-in-law is the bomb by saying he’s going to take him down. I wonder however, how he’s going to take care of Martin-Charles as he told Andrew he would. For once we got to see those beastly twins that have never been seen on the show LOL And wouldn’t you know Henry would walk in right in the knick of time so the Bridget and Shiv don’t meet. Very slow moving episode again this week but it was good. Ratings are still hovering around 1 million

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4 thoughts on “Ringer ~ Week of 4/1/12

  1. There is no end to what that catherine will do to make everyone miseable but it looks to me like next week takes the cake! !!!! The picture from tv line shows all of them looking like they are scared to death but of course we know they wont die. How stupid of andrew to let her into their house and bridgey was even dumber to drink the tea….. it was slow moving but i enjoyed it immensely. Henry is in the soup with old daddy in law and the cops for killing tyler too. Good enough for that rat bastard. Aand those stupid looking twins..ugh! !! I dont think catherine knows that phone bridet found in her purse is under the bed … and it seems to me like bridget is going to have to tell everyone who she is to keep from getting killed….

    1. I was wondering about the phone. She might not know it’s out of her purse. I dunnot when she is going to spill the beans as to who she is but it’s gotta be soon. They make so many twists and turns in the show…really keeps you thinking. One thing I forgot to mention, did you notice Mike from Breaking Bad? Boy he sure does love those mean roles LOL

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