Ringer ~ Week of 11/14/11

Damn I wanted Malcolm to find Gemma down in the basement and I for the life of me cannot figure out why we didn’t suspect Charlie would be hiding her but I’m glad that she is alive. That old Bridget is just smarter than the average bear and get’s her way out of situations all the time. I wish I could do that as easy as she does LOL But it was Malcolm that actually put the bug in her ear about Charlie and I can’t wait to see how they get this all figured out. Olivia is so trying to under mind Andrew in getting that money. I loved it when Henry called her a bitch. Doesn’t seem to me like next week are going to get an episode and that the 1/2 season finale is the week after. Good show yet again.

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2 thoughts on “Ringer ~ Week of 11/14/11

  1. well first and foremost i was glad to see that gemma is still alive. do you suppose that her husband is NOT who hurt her? why does charlie have her? so many questions. i like andrew and bridge together and wish they were really married. too bad.olivia wants the love juices to flow with andrew and acts like she hates shiv…..and she is a bitch just like henry said.. LOL LOL. i think malcolm iss really on to charlie who is just pretendig to live there at that apt and then for bridge to see him in that bar place i think they are both going to be working to find out about charlie. and then to find out charlie knows she knows. too bad. poor gemma tipped herself over and how uncomfortable… what the hell is a midseason finale?? what is that all about? this show gets better and better. i really like it…

    1. It wasn’t Henry involved with that at all. It’s Shiv and Charlie I’m sure of it. But as I typed that I thought what if Henry is involved with those two somehow. That might be a possibility. I don’t think that Olivia wants the love juices to flow with Andrew…she’s just a money hungry wench if you ask me and want’s Gemma’s parents account cuz they have tons of money. Maybe I’m wrong. A midseason finale is the show will be off until January. It’s like what GA and DH do. Yeah I really like this show.

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