Person of Interest ~ Week of 4/29/12

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Well at least we are getting more background information on Reese and I like how they tied in Carter finding out about Reese as well. I always wondered in that one episode a couple weeks back when Jessica calls Reese and tells him they need to meet what happened. And now we know. I think it was pretty good that Reese went to Peter’s house after he found out that Jessica was killed and we know that Peter killed her before the car accident and I think he took Peter down to Mexico just like he did to Sarah’s husband and that’s why Carter asked if they had more American prisoners down there. Finch is pretty smart to have sent Carter up there to surpress some evidence before the FBI could find out. Loved loved loved the birthday present Finch gave Reese and how he forgot the address. And it was so cool that it was over the place where Reese hangs out. But the best was Finch being in the wheelchair and Reese bumping into him and not even knowing who he was. I think Finch did and as he said, it was too late because they weren’t teamed up yet to help stop Jessica’s murder. Good episode.

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