Person of Interest ~ Week of 4/22/12

Boy I really enjoyed Fusco in this episode. How he saved Reese and killed the captain and Tommy’s squeeze on the side. This brings a new light to me on Fusco and how much longer he is going to stay Reese’s puppet. It was very cool that they intertwined the case that Finch and Reese were working on with Tommy with Fusco and the Captain. Fusco saved the day for everyone. I’m getting to like him a lot now. He is good and bad all at once.I really liked the flash back with Reese and Cara and what they did with the CIA and the machine and how it all ended. And she is still alive and well so you know that she is going to play a part in this whole story somehow, killing those double crossing CIA agents and Reese not knowing she’s still alive. I’m wondering what’s up with the ex-girlfriend Jessica as well. The lady that was in the first scene that told Finch and Cara about the computer was the same woman that was inquiring about Finch from Will in an episode a while ago. When they were standing on the river’s edge and Finch was running and spotted them talking. So it makes me wonder if she somehow has a role in getting Reese and Finch together. Good episode.

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4 thoughts on “Person of Interest ~ Week of 4/22/12

  1. Really good show. I love finding out more about reese every week. Fusco was front and center this week and i really liked him. He helped both the “boys” and that was good. I knew that guy on the armored car was bad just from the way he looked at everyone. Guess that chick that shot him in the bank got her too huh? It was shocking to see cara still alive. How did she survive that direct hit??? Reese is going to be shocked to see her again. She is as cold and icy as reese so they would be a great couple!!!!!!!! Lol. Looks like the guy who played chase on army wives is going to be on POI next week. Really good series. It was #4 last week.

  2. We can only hope.. but i miss still think it would have been good to have her get with the cop that liked her

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