Person of Interest ~ Week of 4/1/12

That Elias is something else. I knew at the end that his father would be killed. Even though he is in jail I don’t think we have seen the last of him. I sure did like that fact that Finch talked to the cop with HR and got him to get the boys to back off. I love Carter and I felt bad for her that her son got kidnapped but boy she sure can use a gun. I wonder if this is going to bring her and Fusco closer to knowing that they both know Finch and Reese. Good show. And the ratings are still outstanding.

From TV|Line Ratings: Scandal Opens Solidly on Super-Soft Night, as 11 Shows See Declines

From Zap 2 It TV ratings: ‘American Idol,’ ‘Big Bang Theory,’ ‘Awake’ down, ‘Scandal’ premieres well

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Well it looks like the elias story is over. Lots of dead mobsters too. That doesnt bother me a bit!!!!!! Lol… reese was particularly good this week keeping carters son safe so now she will ALWAYS help him for sure. She was great too – one tough chick.. and fusco was pretty stand
Up too. This is such a great show and i’ll bet we havent seen the end of elias either. Such a great series…

You are so right about Carter being indebted to Reese now.