Person of Interest ~ Week of 3/4/12

This show gets better every time it airs it seems like to me. I was shocked that Reese called the younger Mosetti (sp) and how they ended it with him greeting his father. I think Fusco is on Carter’s side but now with her saying she needs out of this little operation who knows where it’s all going to go. They need to get those two on the same page. And then there is the guy with HR (whatever that stands for LOL) threatening Fusco. Boy they have fires going everywhere. I loved that they brought little Leila into this and it was all about her. Finch and Reese really took a shine to that little girl and I’m glad that they did. It was also great that they gave her to her grandparents at the end and then when Finch at the end said you never know what your children are going to grow up to be like…so true. HR knows that Carter is working with someone (the cowboys) so that is going to be something that is coming into play as well. They are making a lot of things happen but it’s not that complicated actually. And Finch’s old partners son, that moved away, he suspicious of stuff to and then there’s the chick that was in the war with Reese…great show. Wow and the ratings are great.

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9 thoughts on “Person of Interest ~ Week of 3/4/12

  1. I was going to start out by saying the same thing you did about the show. I just don’t see how it can get any better but it seems to be better every week. No wonder the ratings are so good. Loved the story of leila and i was sure the son was the baby daddy but the daddy was the baby daddy… lol lol..the mother was a vicious bitch. I so loved the way finch and Reese were so loving and protective of the baby too. I was so happy they gave her to the grandparents at the end. And i had all but forgotten about the moretti’s. Loved the lastscene with the dad and son face to face. Last but certainly not least is Carter. I so love her part on the show. Its much needed but i am so worried fusco is going to give her up to HR just to keep himself out of trouble. He watches her constantly and will put two and two together pretty soon.
    oon. My favorite part this week was when Reese had his gun pointed at the guy who had leila in the bag and said to Erse ” you wont shoot me” and Reese shrugged and blew him away. He is so damn tough its unreal.
    at the guy who had leopard in the bag and he said to reese

    1. I didn’t know how to get “oon ” out of there and the last sentence i thought i had deleted. I have a terrible time moving the cursor…but my typing is better cuz i use a stylus now… lol

      1. I disagree with you about Fusco giving up Carter. He told the guy from HR that she was getting Pizza and that’s as far as it went. He’s sticking up for her if you ask me. Yeah that wife was a real bitch. I sort of liked her however. Reese is a piece of work that’s for sure. A one man killing machine. Have you ever heard of the delete key to get rid of “oon.” LOL

        1. but fusco keeps watching carter like he wants to catch herdoing something wrong and i worry about that. You need to see how my kindle works before you start being a smart ass about the delete key so just put up with it until you come over on nv day…

          1. They are both suspicious of each other actually. He’s not going to give her up. I’m convinced of that. I have a good idea how your Fire types. I bet sorta like the iPhone. Easy peasy. But yeah, I’ll take care of it LOL Me not be a smart ass….never.

    1. Once again the Delete key. Have you ever heard of an owners manual. Okay I did some research and apparently there is a bug with that auto correction feature on the Fire. Have Laurie help you with this if you don’t know how to do it.And if not, keep this post date and title somewhere and I’ll do it when I come for the parade.

      Try this first:

      What I’m reading though that doesn’t correct it but this does. But try the first one. Amazon might have issued a software update that took care of this bug and it might already be on your Fire so that might work. So here’s the second way:

      “The Kindle Fire is a great tablet at a very affordable price. However, many users have found very frustrating that the Auto-Complete feature cannot be disabled. This is particularly annoying when writing in a language other than English, because the Kindle will replace with words from the English dictionary. For example, if you write “Yo voy” (Spanish for “I go”) it will end up writing “Yo boy,” making you look like a moron in front of your friends.”

      Hope this helps.

    1. I don’t think it is going to help it much from what I read. You have to do the second link one to actually make it work. But maybe not. Hope it helped.

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