Person Of Interest ~ Week of 1/6/13

I was so sure that Carter and Reese were in the clear and what an ending. I couldn’t believe it but it is excellent writing as usual. To think that they brought back Reese’s partner and that she didn’t die in that explosion and then have her kill that FBI guy who I thought was brilliant to see through Carter was excellent. I loved Fusco dealing with that chick that was hitting him with her purse and how mad he was that he wasn’t able to be part of getting Reese out. And then to bring in the Mafia guy, whose name escapes me right now, and have him help Reese by sending the picture was so clever. I thought he would rat him out immediately. I swear I wish I had the computer knowledge that Finch does. I can’t wait to see where this all goes.

2 thoughts on “Person Of Interest ~ Week of 1/6/13

  1. i agree with you about how great this show was. so many twists and tuns. i thought john and carter were in the clear too and then there was that fbi guy. i was so glad that chick who john had been with in paris (and who i thought was dead) killed that guy but did you see her give john a shot in the neck? i wonder what she is going to do with him and carter too. finch was so good this week with all his computer wizardry. of all people i know who would want to know about all that computer stuff it would be you. ….lol. and i was surprised to see that guy in the prison. thats what i love about that show. and last and NOT least fusco. that was hilarious with him helping that model. he is so short and she was so tall…it was just the right amount of comedy. best show ever….

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