Person of Interest ~ Week of 1/30/12

There is more to Zoe and Reese that meets the eye. I do like how Finch went and got her to solve the case which I didn’t see the set up like it turned out. I should have. Carter doesn’t seem to be so self assured to me now that she knows what is going on. I hope that she gets back to being so. I love that Finch has a competitor and knows his name is Harold. This could get really interesting. It’s a woman for sure and I wonder if it is Zoe? I don’t think so. Interesting case to say the least.

At least we are watching one show where the ratings are great:

From TVGuide Ratings: Big Bang Scores Its Biggest Viewership Yet

From Zap 2 It TV ratings: ‘Big Bang Theory’ tops ‘American Idol’ again, ’30 Rock’ takes a hit

2 thoughts on “Person of Interest ~ Week of 1/30/12

  1. Well what twists and tuns on this show. I don’t think the woman on the computer is Zoe and yes i am sure she and Reese have a history… remember her from AMC? I cant remember her role tho. I hope she and Reese beg together. Its such a good show but some of the technology goes WAY over my head…. thank God the ratings are so good… that’s one show we can keep anyway! !!!!!!

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