Person of Interest ~ Week of 12/30/12

I loved how Carter worked alone with Reese and that Finch had a plan already in motion if something like this every happened. We should have known that all along but it was a good twist. Boy Carter has got that guy with the FBI snowed I tell you. He has no idea she did what she did and for him to say she is the only one he trust…I sure do like how they are doing this. I can’t wait to see how the interrogation goes. It was also good to see Finch having to do more with stopping the kid from killing himself. I like how he related everything to himself and you know they are talking about him as the hacker that got away. Fusco was good to working with Reese and how it was just the two of them was certainly different, but it worked perfectly. This show never ceases to amaze me. Glad it’s back.

3 thoughts on “Person of Interest ~ Week of 12/30/12

  1. i just loved the show with finch being the central character for a change while reese cooled his jets in jail. loved how carter got that dna swap from the guy she met in the bar. i think she is just adorable .. so smart and sure of herself. finch was sooooooo good with that brainiac student and i was glad he helped him. yes the story about his hacker days was good. the thing i liked the best was that they are taking their time with getting reese out of jail so that it isnt sooooooo rushed. glad its going to continue next week and i wonder if caleb will be on too???? such a great show. i just love it.

      1. As in many of these episodes they leave it wide open to bring back the characters at a later date. The reason I think the cop that is helping Carter is a sap is because Carter is double crossing him. She looked so good when she went to that bar :) I also like that they are taking their time getting Reese out. Very well written

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