Person of Interest ~ 2/4/14

I loved that this was so Shaw centric. She is one of my favorite characters ever. She looked so good with that white dress on. It amazed me that nothing on Root, Control or Vigilance was mentioned. Maybe that will be front and center during the season ending shows. That Kelly sure did get a free pass from the Paris cop by leaving her the key. I’m glad he did that even though she had stolen those artifacts but had to because of her daughter. I liked how he said she should have got the gold and it was that key. The best though was Reese leaving a drink for Carter while Fusco was babbling on about stealing. They can’t keep going on doing things like that. I know she was very important to the show but enough is enough. The little minute of silence was good and of course Fusco has to pick up about stealing again.

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  1. I responded

    I responded and must have done something wrong and it didn’t upload.. I am just going to say I loved Shaw in her girlie white dress.. glad to see they are including Fusco more and I too say enough already with Carter.

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