Person of Interest ~ 2/14/13

I just loved how they brought Zoe into the show and she told John she hasn’t seen him since the divorce. I can’t figure out if it is Finch that brings her in or what but it was absolutely perfect that she was working the prostitution ring and that she and John were ending up in the Presidential Suite at the end of the show. She just comes on at the right time. And then I wasn’t that amazed when they showed the secretary for the guy in the Security Counsel’s office being Root, aka Ms. May. We knew she would be coming back and I’m anxious to see how this all plays out with her and wouldn’t be surprised if again it’s the season ending episode. Wouldn’t you know that Carter’s hopeful new squeeze is being investigated by IAB. I can’t imagine what he has done and I hope that this brings to the end Carter’s FBI hopes. Either get her on there and to the FBI or keep her a cop one of the two but they need to stop it so she can either get on with Finch, Reese and Fusco from her cop status or the FBI status. One of the two. That special counsel office knows something more on Reese that they have let us know. That office is in cahoots with HR if I remember correctly so that is going to be very interesting now that Root works there.

2 thoughts on “Person of Interest ~ 2/14/13

  1. i really enjoyed the show. you are so right about them bringing zoe in at just the right time. she and reese definitely have a spark …. imagine finch buying the hotel and making that chick the manager. that was so good. i cant forget that carters boyfriend is “really”rolandwho is a goodytwo shoes and he seems like a sap as a cop. i agree with you about carter see-sawing about the FBI….. and fusco was pretty good this week. that guy “ms may’ works for is a no-goodnick and is after reese big time. and how “ms may” survived that huge explosion she was in amazes me. great show…..

    1. Yeah I forgot about Finch buying the hotel and giving making the girl the manager. I guess you gotta be in the right place at the right time. You are right about Ms. May…I guess we aren’t suppose to remember that but so did Kara, Reese’s CIA parnter

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