The Vikings ~ 3/27/14

I started last week and I’m going to say it again. I love Lagertha. She is so much better suited for Ragnar than that patsy ass Aslaug. I can’t stand her and I can only hope when the seer says it’s not up to Ragnar to decide that she gets killed and Lagertha comes back. I truly admire her decision and she has more balls than most of the men. I hope her husband doesn’t treat her badly but I think she can fend for herself. I also think they are making Ragnar be so true to that time period. He got down on Bjorn after the first fight and never really let up. He’s teaching him and I think that’s how it was. I loved when Ragner threw that axe at the fool. They are such bloody people and what a way of life they lead. Ragnar wasn’t also nice to Rollo. It seems like the only one he is nice to are his kids and that sappy bitch. But I think that’s they way it was back in that time period. I was glad that Rollo came clean to Siggy. I also really like her. Ahtelstan I can’t figure out for the life of me. He spit out the communion but then prayed back to the Catholic god. I’m anxious to see what they do with him. I hope he comes back to his senses and goes back to Ragnar. Felt sorry for Orlik dying but how they propped him up was clever. I so wanted Jarl Borg to get killed but it looks like he teams up with Ragnar again. This show is so good. I read it got picked up for season 3 :)

The Red Road ~ 3/27/14

I’m glad to see that Jean isn’t as crazy as I thought they would make her and it just amazes me how stupid Harold is. When Kopus gave him that map and Jean saw that I thought now how is he going to explain how he found that. I love that Phillip planted the gun with his fathers finger prints on it and wouldn’t you know that bastard would kill the cops going to arrest him. There is no love loss between those two. I believe Phillip that he really didn’t kill that kid and I think it happened just like he said it did. Wouldn’t you know also that the Morgans would take the settlement and I’m glad that Jean made a big stink about that. The chief was right in that they are always going to seem like they can be bought. Then that dumb Harold going and taking that cassette tape out of the evidence room. I cannot believe how he is. You know he got tons of pleasure out of telling Phillip that the settlement was taken. If I were Harold I would be very worried. Those Albanians are going to regret calling Phillip a stupid Indian. Except for the fact that there is only one more episode this season so they might get away with it. I was sort of amazed Harold didn’t do anything with the drugs that he found in the cave. He’s made a mess out of everything else so why not that? LOL

Person of Interest ~ 3/25/14

Wouldn’t you know that Root would help solve the UN problem and then she would use Root to track Greer down. I liked how they did the same thing in the end like they did in the beginning and now I’m sure she has something to think about to join sides with Greer and go against Finch. They write this show so perfectly. Did it seem to you like there might be a love interest happening between Fusco and Shaw? I just get a feeling. Fusco had a bigger role this week and I liked that. The part where Reese and Fusco get Omar was sort of far fetched and I loved it when Fusco was driving the fire engine. I was shocked that the greek guy was part of the french foreign legion. I didn’t see that one coming. Little by little they are adding to Samaritan and I can’t wait to see what the outcome of this is.

The Blacklist ~ 3/24/14

Well it looks like Lizzie is getting closer and closer to find out about Tom. I couldn’t figure out if she figured out that Red had something to do with her dad or if it was just that he was talking about Tom. I was so pissed off at him hitting her and for an agent she should have gotten a better look at him. I’m glad they found out about his hideaway. I couldn’t believe she found that rat or bear in the rubbish. Good eyes. Was a good story line with Ivan in that he wasn’t actually involved in the steeling of that computer and it ended up to be the high school kid. Why they make such a big deal like that train going the speed of light and Lizzie being able to talk him down. You ALWAYS know shit like that is going to happen. This is getting good with Lizzie and Tom now. I’m hating Tom more and more every episode. I’m so hoping he is just doing this and really does Lizzie but I dunno.

Bates Motel ~ 3/24/14

The weirdest part of this show was when Norman went to Caleb’s room and started spewing out the same shit that Norma was saying to him. I thought that was so crazy and I was glad that Caleb beat the shit out of him. For some reason I’m believing Caleb and not Norma. I can see her getting knocked up and blaming it on Caleb. The reason why is because he gave that money back to Dylan who yes I feel very sorry for. I hope this doesn’t ruin is character at all. He’s been very solid, even though he does illegal stuff, but the whole town is illegal. I like Emma and was made at Norman for not telling her what is going on with Dylan. She is so right that she has been through thick and thin with the family and doesn’t deserve to be held out of the mix now. I like her and Gunner and it seems to me that he likes her. Looks like he is going to be sticking around the hotel for a while so we shall see what that brings. I’m not sure what’s gonna go on with Christine and her brother with Norma. Christine is so nice to Norma and I am anxious to see where they are going to take it. Romero yes is going to go ballistic over his house being set on fire. That was some fire I tell ya. Ya I see she is going to go into business with Ford. That ought to be something and you have to know that Norman must have been involved with that fire because of his boss. I so dig this show. And yes Cody is going to be mean on this show and bring out an even meaner Norman. I was so hoping he’d have the balls to try and do him in. But did you see him threaten Cody with the crow bar? Good show.

Dallas ~ 3/24/14

Yeah this show is much better this year than last. That listening device in the booze was excellent and so JR’ish LOL You are right for Bobby to go along I was shocked but they had to do what they had to do. And I have to say I’m on Bobby and Sue Ellen’s side on this. I think they are going to set up for her to eventually become governor but hence the flask LOL That last scene was the bomb. Mama Madame is one of my favorites along with Elena and Nicholas. I think you are so right that they are going to end up getting Pam on their side and with JR fooling around with Emma she isn’t going to put up with that and go to Cliff’s side. Oh Ryland had the goods on his handler and that is the one connection I can’t figure out is the CIA. I know they are trying to bring down the cartel and it seems to me that Ryland is trying to get Mama Madame out of the picture because of that as well. I’m not sure. But you are right Emma is no match for either of them actually. I don’t know if it was just me but I think I see a hint of fondness between Annie and Ryland. I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes back to him as well. You are right about Christopher. LOL on the 10 carat. So true. I don’t like that chick. She’s the fly in the ointment but she is so on target with hen pecked Christopher LOL

Da Vinci’s Demons ~ 3/22/14

You know I don’t care how off this show is about the history of Da Vinci I just like the magic and mystic of the show. It’s like Da Vinci coming up with the blood transfusion. How clever that was and how he wades through all those old notes to find it and then has dreams is quite good. It looks to me like Lucrezia and Zoroaster are going to be history. I loved them out on the plank and when he said they only thing I didn’t get to do was fuck you LOL. I am hoping they don’t really die. I like how they started the show in the New World. I was sort of confused until they went back to six months ago and picked up the show right where they went off. I am sure that Lorenzo is going to forgive Da Vinci because he helped him live through that transfusion. I’m telling you Clarice sure has hell doesn’t need Lorenzo to run the city. She held her own and telling that Captain if you don’t go looking for Lorenzo I’ll have your title and your testicles LOL One tough broad. Looks like Riario and Da Vinci are both held captive in the New World. I enjoy him and Da Vinci always trying to out do the other one. Can’t figure out why Riario saved Nico and who is the papa of Vanessa’s baby I wonder. Good show.

Grimm ~ 3/21/14

I just loved Monroe and Rosalee especially at the end when Monroe was going to bed and she said not yet and appeared in that little outfit. I thought that was the best. And then there is Nick having that nightmare of their wedding. I loved how they made the couple on top of the cake Wessen. When they were having dinner and Monroe asked Nick to be his best man I never thought that all the wessen would see Nick as a Grimm. I’m glad that they covered that in the show. They sure did make the royal people that were chasing Adelind et al be idiots and not be able to track them in the forest. It was so conveniently done so they could get back to the car. I felt bad for Sebastian (I think that’s his name who is helping Renard) getting killed. I was so hoping he would get them all but wouldn’t you know he would run out of bullets. Story line this week was sort of lame but it fit the circus theme. Looks like Grimm is gonna be off for a week or so but it looks like Mama Grimm and Adalind make it back to Portland. Her trip back has been sort of boring. I’m glad she’s getting he powers back though, slowly but surely.

Vikings ~ 3/20/14

I love Lagertha as much as I do Shaw. I was so glad that she put her husband in his place and that scene showed so much dominance over both him and Bjorn. The scene with Ragnar and Bjorn meeting was soooo good and Ragnar sure did ignore Lagertha and didn’t even thank her for bringing the warriors. Boy Ragnar sure was intimidated to get naked and in the pool with Ecbert, who seemed to be enjoying the show LOL. Made sense why he did it so they would be on an even stage. I also thought that Ragnar wasn’t very nice to Rollo for saving Aslaug and the kids. Siggy sure was good especially when she wanted to fuck LOL She’s a good determined character and I enjoy her as well. I so wanted to bitch soap Aslaug. Ungrateful bitch. I don’t think her and Ragnar are going to last. I bet he gets back with Lagertha. I also couldn’t believe that Athelstan getting crucified. That scene was so intense and I was glad that Ecbert made them get him down. I wonder if he is going to turn back to his religion before this is all over and done with. Reason being is, and this was another good scene, when he decided to stay with Horik and not go back with Ragnar, even after Ragnar talked to him. I was shocked he did that. I so want Ragnar to kill Jarl Borg. I can’t stand him and I think that’s going to be a pretty good battle. It’s also going to be interesting to see what Ragnar does with Ecbert after what happened to Athelstan. Poor Floki having to witness two of the ships go down. Helga was good with him during that. This was one of the best episodes they have had on.

The Red Road ~ 3/20/14

I cannot believe that Phillip killed Mike especially when he talked him down to give him the gun and then they hugged. I didn’t see that coming at all but Mike has loose lips and I think that Phillip is better of without him. I enjoyed the seen with Rachel and Junior and Rachel and her mother. They were very good and finally maybe Rachel understands what Jean is going through because her brother was killed. It wouldn’t surprise me if Phillip killed Brian for some reason. I think Jean will be okay if she stays on her meds. Sort of like Carrie on Homeland. I was glad that Rachel told Junior to buzz off. I don’t think it’s going to last however he might end up biting the big one also. That fucking ungrateful Marie to both Junior and Phillip about those pills. Shit she’s fighting for her tribe but doesn’t give a shit about her health? Harold was priceless when the doc told them about Marie saying she is not crazy. He is lying so much to everyone covering up all what has happened. At least he was smart enough to warn Phillip to get out because the DEA is on the way. I’m anxious to see what happens to him. When he broke down and cried it was about time. He’s got to get a grip. I really enjoyed them playing the tape of Brian talking when Phillip was getting rid of Mike. It was so appropriate what he was saying. Such and excellent show. You never know what the hell is going to happen and I think Harold and Phillip are going to end up helping each other and be friends, well friends as much as they can. It also looks like Phillip and his dad have a falling out. That bastard getting him sent to prison. I don’t think we have seen the last of him however. I also couldn’t figure out how the heavy set guy who was with Marie put it together where those stolen drugs were but it’s one of those scenes where you just let it go LOL

Person Of Interest ~ 3/18/14

Boy this episode was something else. Talk about Root being back in full force after being absent for so long. I’m glad they got her back on board. First Shaw is amazing to me. When she went up against Vigilance and said yes she wants revenge on the government but the way Vigilance is handling it is like them being terrorists and then bashing all their weapons out of their hands and taking them all on was so Shaw. And then when she shows back up at the house and takes a swig of that booze and pours it on her wound…again so Shaw. Reese watch out. I like how they tied Root into what happened to Cyrus when she killed his partners back in 2009, I think, and then had him be the key to the entrance of the shell company. Who would have thought. But it sure did set up some good conversations between him and Root and Root and Finch. She was very angry at Finch for making the machine have people be relevant. And the whole episode was her reconciling that with the fact that she either had to save Cyrus or go after the chip. I’m glad that she chose to save Cyrus and glad that Finch questioned her if she told Cyrus the truth. Wouldn’t you know that Cyrus would have panic attacks when guns are fired. I thought that was very convenient as well. That implant on her ear sure was done at the SST speed and then the little touch at the end with Shaw looking at the bandages and telling her when to change them. The do work well with each other. So Decima got the chip and I’m anxious to see how that is all plays out with the two Machines and which “God” is going to win out. Loved also how Root pointed out that Finch, Reese, Shaw and herself are going to be the first ones to go. It’s funny how Root takes orders from the machine and when the machine doesn’t give her info she just accepts it. She so isn’t like that with anyone else. It was also sort of unbelievable when she decided to save Cyrus and her walking through that hail of gun fire and not even getting wounded seriously. Some things we just have to let alone LOL. I also enjoyed that Finch wanted her to stay in NYC so they could collaberate (sp) together. Very good gesture on her part. Very thought provoking episode and it looks like we might be done with Root for a while until the other machine is ready to go and then watch out. All hell is going to break loose.

The Black List ~ 3/17/14

I’m so disappointed that this show is taking Tom where he is. I so wanted him and Lizzie to have a happy marriage and have him sort of be a house husband but that aint gonna happen. He’s an out right killer that apparently his controllers in Berlin made him marry Lizzie. I was sad to see cowboy die. Wouldn’t you know that he would have a little lair all to himself with all that shit up on the walls. I think he said something interesting right before he killed Jolene in that Reddington used to funnel money through Lizzie’s step father. Hmmm interesting. I thought Reddington would be his mission but it sure isn’t after he said he wasn’t. I felt bad for Ressler loosing Audrey and you could see how determined he was to get her killer. And wouldn’t you know it turned out to be his old partner who was running the business. I’m glad he didn’t kill him but was glad that the agent killed himself in the end. But wouldn’t you know that Mako Tanida is still on the loose. So Reddington goes and see’s Swan Lake the same date every year. Did you notice the program back from 1987 in his hand? Had to be his daughter’s initial time in there or something about her. I think they still want us to think Lizzie is his daughter.

Bates Motel ~ 3/17/14

I knew right out of the box Caleb was going to be Dylan’s father. I feel so bad for him also. He just wants such a sense of family and I think Caleb could provide that to him but then that went away when he started talking about the hotel in Costa Rica and Dylan handed over all the money. That’s all he is there for but this family starts getting more and more weird all the time. I couldn’t figure out Cody and the explanation she gave Norman for making out with a gay guy who has the hots for Norman didn’t make sense. I’m glad they aren’t making Norman gay. She’s an odd character. I felt bad for Emma also that the party for Bradley was just a booze party. But I thought it was cute that she met Gunner again and that he stayed with her while she tried to be a bad girl. Yes we have met Nick before. He came and rented out all those rooms at the end of last year. I think he wants to own the Bates Motel or his family owned it and he wants it back. I dunno but he’s going to be trouble for Norma. I would have never figured Christine to be in to so much money but I hope they don’t ruin the budding friendship she and Norma seem to be making. It would be nice to see her have someone. Maybe she’s as crazy as Norma. Yes the brother is smitten with her so we shall see where the two of them go. They amped up Norma a little more and I enjoyed that. I want her more crazy still like she was last year. They are getting that way with her.

Dallas ~ 3/17/14

I have to say also about that little flask Sue Ellen continually pulls out of those little purses. I just bust out every time she does it. I don’t see her having a big bottle of hooch because what she has is just perfect. I have to say that age hasn’t been nice to Afton and Lucy. They look like they have been hit by an ugly stick. LOL I liked how plain Pamela looked and for a fleeting moment I had a tinge of sorrow for her. I just don’t like how stupid they have made her this year and that fucking Emma the strong one. I’m glad she ended up not bedding anyone after the wedding. I couldn’t believe what they made the railroad commissioner do. I loved that. Mama Ryland, besides Elena and Nicholas, is my favorite character also. So she runs a whore house LOL too funny. Wouldn’t you know that JR’s secretary is on Ryland’s payroll and them playing up the Monica Lewinski deal. I like that. Somehow this CIA shit of Ryland has got to come out. I don’t want him to come out the good guy. I want him and Mama Ryland to always be at odds and doing what they do best and that’s one upping each other LOL. I knew Lucia wouldn’t want out of the marriage and I hope Nicholas is being honest with Elena and I agree I think Lucia is going to end up tits up as well. Let’s hope they do Nicholas’ character correctly. So Nicholas has been hiding Drew. That I didn’t see coming and should have. I also didn’t think that Sue Ellen would go to Bobby with the one more thing she has to get John Ross not to drill. Things are going to get ugly in the Ewing household. And you are right also I don’t like the barn girl that is so pushy with Christopher. I hope she’s just a fling for him.