Dallas ~ 4/7/14

First I noted down Murder in the First. Looks like it’s going to be good. One problem I know we both have with shows is when they do shit just to keep the show moving. They all do it. Well this week it was getting Sue Ellen out. But of course we know they did it so that John Ross didn’t have the votes. I was surprised that Nicholas is involved with the cartel and John Ross’ friend that was on last week. I think he could be in trouble now that Sue Ellen is out because I don’t see how they are going to go public. I didn’t get is why Bobby got the guy to do the IPO and think that John Ross is going to go after him when they knew Sue Ellen was out. I probably am over thinking this so we shall see. I still love Elena. I was proud of her for not wanting to show that video to Pamela because of John Ross doing her friend Emma. On the same hand I like that Nicholas sent it to her because I so want him to get caught at something and pay for his evil ways. Wouldn’t you know that Drew would come back to Dallas. I wanted Christopher to kill him but see why he didn’t. I hope the cartel gets him so that the plan that Elena and Nicholas have in place doesn’t fail. The poker game was excellent and John Ross sure did know what he was doing getting the sheik back on his side and now going to fund the arctic oil leases. However again I just don’t see how that’s all going to happen with Sue Ellen being released. Emma has plans for that dress big time and I had forgotten or maybe this is the first time we have seen it that Ryland has the photos of John Ross and the 16 year old whore. That’s going to back fire on him. I don’t know how Christoper can also get down on Elena for liking Nicholas when he’s doing Heather. I still think you are right that her and Bo are in cahoots to get money or something from him. Looks like Southfork burns next week. Should be a good finale. Let’s hope Mama Ryland is on LOL

Bates Motel ~ 4/7/14

As I said in Dallas, they always do things just to fit the show. On this one, it seems to me, that it was a time line problem. Norma sees the beer cap from Norman, that seemed like it was the next day and in the very next scene, Dyan is getting released from the hospital. But again, oh well. I loved Zane’s sister’s house and that marijuana set up was interesting. I loved the conversation about dirt. Of course we knew she would get the love juices flowing with Dylan. I thought it was very bold of her just to enter his room without him telling her to come in. I think she is smart to get him to watch over Zane and actually run the business. Dylan has his head on pretty straight and anyone is an improvement over Zane. And yes we have seen Zane’s sister before. She was Kitty on Boss. She has longer hair or that’s a wig. She’s also going to be in Murder in the First. I so wanted Emma to succeed when she jumped with that rope. I felt so bad for her but was proud of Norman for helping her and sticking up for her. I thought Gunner would do that but it seems like to me now that he is just using her. I can see why Norma did what she did about Norman blacking out and him not getting his driver’s license but that sure did set him off. I wonder if he is going to be mad at Emma for telling her. We sure do know what happens with Cody giving out that information. Yes it was an accident and I think he will be locked up for a while, at least it looked like that in the previews. I liked the flashback to him and Norma when he was a young kid. How coincidental that he killed his dad and now Cody’s dad is dead after he hid int he closet. Good writing. Yes Norma is going to cause havoc on the council and I hope she realizes that Nick is a bad guy. It seemed like she did when she called the deal off with him. I liked the scene with Christine’s brother and her. He is so right, she is the product, not her knowledge. I wonder if Christine is in cahoots with nick and they are trying to set Norma up. Did you hear her say Pine White Pine when talking to the mayor. So her. Back to Cody I love how she always come with that music blaring in her car. It so pisses Norma off. And yet another sign and I think they might get Romero and Norma together when he mentioned the curtains. Those love juices have got to start flowing soon LOL. By the way I read today that it has been renewed for season 3. Another 10 good episodes :)

Unforgettable ~ 4/4/14

This was a good show and I’m glad it’s back but Al and Carrie are by no means as good together as Monroe and Rosalee. LOL I thought what a good way to start this show with them getting married but was I surprised. I don’t know if they will ever get married or not. Would ruin the fun they can have now. Jay, Murray, Elliot and of course Joanne are a great supporting staff. This sort of had some good comedy in it. Not the stuff that’s real laughable but just enough to make it lighter. Yeah I was amazed the Dean on the University was the killer but it was a good story line. Carrie didn’t do as much remembering as she usually does in this. I enjoyed the part at the Chinese take out and how Al used that in the end. I like the filming of this also. It’s like Hawaii Five-0′ish LOL I just read that the ratings were down for the series opener but still had 7.5 million viewers. I would think that is good for Friday. H50 had 9.5 so that isn’t bad.

Vikings ~ 4/3/14

Athelstan I can’t figure out. I guess he’s the only one that see’s that blood and I wonder if that’s going to drive him back to Ragnar because he becomes disillusioned with Catholicism. Ecbert is sure going to make that difficult by swearing him to secrecy about all that old art work being done by the Romans and having him copy it all down. I like how that blood started coming out of him myself. I felt sooooo bad for Lagertha being beat by those bastards but was so glad that she stabbed her husband in the eye. I sure didn’t see that coming but he had so deserved it and then when one of his men beheaded him I cheered out loud LOL I was so glad to see him gone. He however did see that she really does love Ragnar but to treat her the way he did. I’m glad he’s gone and I hope Lagertha becomes the leader of his land. I like Bjorn with that slave girl. Her name starts with a P is all I can remember. I like how he is treating her and you can tell that she isn’t use to being used. We shall see how long Ragnar lets him behave so nicely however. I also cheered out loud when Rollo got his revenge, or at least he started it because it looks like that crazy Jarl Borg lives a while longer, on him. Loved that they burned his men and then went in and took him and started beating the crap out of him. At least he was decent enough not to have his wife killed. Aslaug needs to be beaten silly. That was however a good story she was telling her boys and relating it to the eagle dream that Bjog was having. It was good seeing Ragnar getting back to him old self when they brought Bjog in. He does listen to Aslaug sometimes. And poor Siggy having to bed Horik’s son even while he watched. I thought she was okay doing what she was doing but telling the seer she wants her status back apparently she’s not happy. I still really like her and hope it turns out okay for her. I can’t imagine what Rollo would do if he finds out she bedded Horik and his son.

The Red Road ~ 4/3/14 (Season Finale)

Well they so have to renew this series. If they don’t I guess it ended sort of the way I thought it would. I knew both Harold and Phillip would help each other during that last scene. You could see that coming all the time during this series. I liked how they went to when they were kids and show that Brian did commit suicide. And that Jean sure did play a psycho well in this episode. It amazes me how fast Harold got to her and it looks like she came to her senses for a while. I’m glad that she apologized to Marie. I thought that was pretty good. I sure didn’t see the dad coming there to kill Phillip and wouldn’t you know Junior would kill him. Wonder if he’s going to be back on the show. I was glad that Harold told the Captain he wouldn’t change the report. Good series and I do hope that it comes back.

Person of Interest ~ 4/1/14

Two things I loved in this episode the most. Reese getting slapped in the face three times and Fusco sleeping in until 1 pm and coming out in that robe with the eye blinders. Too funny. Shaw and Reese got lucky by not having to go see Mama Mia but that reunion wasn’t much better. It so reminded me of Carrie for some reason, and not just because they dropped the mannequin from the ceiling. Wouldn’t you know that Vigilance would be behind this and of course Shaw outsmarted them when she and Reese were out of ammo, when he took his last shot. They sure did turn around the fact that Matthew wasn’t the one having this all done to him but he was doing all these shenanigans. He took a shine to Shaw and Shaw did to him as well. They could bring him back if he ever gets out of prison for shooting Doug. He’s the sheriff on Bates Motel. Root sure did save the day for Finch and Fusco. They did just enough to let it out of the bag that the government could be spying but there is no way to prove it. And then with Control shutting down the Machine and her having the file on Collier was a big twist. Brings up some questions: Does Control run the Machine? I’ve always assumed it was run autonomously from an unknown location. Does Control know about Vigilance? Do they work with Control? Just when you think you get to know what’s going on more comes out.

The Blacklist ~ 3/31/14

The main story line was sort of boring because they had Lizzie be so involved in Tom which I was glad for. I couldn’t believe that Tom’s “brother” jumped out the window but I suppose to keep quiet that’s what they do. It’s going to be interesting to see what Berlin really is, or who it is. After Tom’s brother jumped Tom sure did show no emotion but he has to play the role just like Lizzie has to. There is still more to Reddington and Lizzie’s relationship also and I’m glad that she will find out later. I think she first has to take care of Reddington. I like how she has her little hide out now and it looks just about what Tom’s looked like.

Bates Motel ~ 3/31/14

I guess you didn’t pay attention or remember when I corrected who Nick was vs Jake. We have known all along that Nick is in the drug business and he is in competition with Zane and his supposed sister who we met tonight because Bradley killed Gil. Zane took over for Gil. You could be right because I find it hard to believe that Zane has all that money to take care of Dylan’s medical expenses so that might be Nick’s wife and Dylan just doesn’t know it. I’m sure we will find out next episode. Nick I think you are right is using Norma to do his dirty work and if he double crosses her he’s gonna end up at the bottom of the ocean like everyone else has that has pissed of Norma LOL. Norma was so full of herself delivering that stuff she got to the city council. One thing I was shocked about is the head of the council getting killed. I suppose Nick had a hand in that and like you say is going to blame Norma. I liked the scene with her and Romero. I was hoping they would swap spit but I guess not. I bet sometime in the future they end up together. You are so right about the shoot out in the middle of town. It’s like no one gave a crap. I hope Gunner is good to Emma. Yeah he might want to start his own pot growing farm but who doesn’t do something illegal in Ocean View or where ever they live. I just hope she doesn’t get hope and I’m glad that Norma took the time to talk to her about having sex. I loved how Cody was with Norma. Norma met her match with that one and again I think she could end up in the ocean if she pisses Norma off. I like how she has taken Norman under her wing but there sure is something up with her dad. I didn’t even once think that she would be dead in the tree house. Norman is too smitten with her. One thing I keep forgetting to mention is that damn old phone in the house. I just love that.

Dallas ~ 3/31/14

I think you could be right about Heather and Bo. They could both be using Christopher to get money because he can’t be a bull rider and they are both in cahoots to setting him up. I don’t like either one of them and don’t see them as long time characters. That little kid was cute. Boy John Ross is more like JR every episode and I think that they really want us to see him like that. I don’t know why it surprised me that John Ross showed up in the scene when his lush of a mother was committed. I don’t know why I didn’t see that coming. I really like Jasper, the PI that Elena hired and was glad that she got something on John Ross with Emma. I thought once that he turned down Candice that yes took all his will power to do it was over. She did look good and Ryland is going to be so pissed that she isn’t getting the goods on John Ross. I like how John Ross saw his old friend and that nerd got him to think about going public with Ewing Global. Wouldn’t you know. I think you might be right that Nicholas’ wife could be a fly int he ointment. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. I missed Mama Ryland LOL It was good how they had a boys night out and a girls night out and that each one of them had a member of the opposing team each there. The one I’m waiting to see is Pam when Elena goes to her with the tape of Emma. Let the fire works begin. Yeah only two episodes left but it picks back up in August. I didn’t see the ad for that new show. I don’t do commercials. LOL I’ll try and remember to look for it on the blogs I read.

The Vikings ~ 3/27/14

I started last week and I’m going to say it again. I love Lagertha. She is so much better suited for Ragnar than that patsy ass Aslaug. I can’t stand her and I can only hope when the seer says it’s not up to Ragnar to decide that she gets killed and Lagertha comes back. I truly admire her decision and she has more balls than most of the men. I hope her husband doesn’t treat her badly but I think she can fend for herself. I also think they are making Ragnar be so true to that time period. He got down on Bjorn after the first fight and never really let up. He’s teaching him and I think that’s how it was. I loved when Ragner threw that axe at the fool. They are such bloody people and what a way of life they lead. Ragnar wasn’t also nice to Rollo. It seems like the only one he is nice to are his kids and that sappy bitch. But I think that’s they way it was back in that time period. I was glad that Rollo came clean to Siggy. I also really like her. Ahtelstan I can’t figure out for the life of me. He spit out the communion but then prayed back to the Catholic god. I’m anxious to see what they do with him. I hope he comes back to his senses and goes back to Ragnar. Felt sorry for Orlik dying but how they propped him up was clever. I so wanted Jarl Borg to get killed but it looks like he teams up with Ragnar again. This show is so good. I read it got picked up for season 3 :)

The Red Road ~ 3/27/14

I’m glad to see that Jean isn’t as crazy as I thought they would make her and it just amazes me how stupid Harold is. When Kopus gave him that map and Jean saw that I thought now how is he going to explain how he found that. I love that Phillip planted the gun with his fathers finger prints on it and wouldn’t you know that bastard would kill the cops going to arrest him. There is no love loss between those two. I believe Phillip that he really didn’t kill that kid and I think it happened just like he said it did. Wouldn’t you know also that the Morgans would take the settlement and I’m glad that Jean made a big stink about that. The chief was right in that they are always going to seem like they can be bought. Then that dumb Harold going and taking that cassette tape out of the evidence room. I cannot believe how he is. You know he got tons of pleasure out of telling Phillip that the settlement was taken. If I were Harold I would be very worried. Those Albanians are going to regret calling Phillip a stupid Indian. Except for the fact that there is only one more episode this season so they might get away with it. I was sort of amazed Harold didn’t do anything with the drugs that he found in the cave. He’s made a mess out of everything else so why not that? LOL

Person of Interest ~ 3/25/14

Wouldn’t you know that Root would help solve the UN problem and then she would use Root to track Greer down. I liked how they did the same thing in the end like they did in the beginning and now I’m sure she has something to think about to join sides with Greer and go against Finch. They write this show so perfectly. Did it seem to you like there might be a love interest happening between Fusco and Shaw? I just get a feeling. Fusco had a bigger role this week and I liked that. The part where Reese and Fusco get Omar was sort of far fetched and I loved it when Fusco was driving the fire engine. I was shocked that the greek guy was part of the french foreign legion. I didn’t see that one coming. Little by little they are adding to Samaritan and I can’t wait to see what the outcome of this is.

The Blacklist ~ 3/24/14

Well it looks like Lizzie is getting closer and closer to find out about Tom. I couldn’t figure out if she figured out that Red had something to do with her dad or if it was just that he was talking about Tom. I was so pissed off at him hitting her and for an agent she should have gotten a better look at him. I’m glad they found out about his hideaway. I couldn’t believe she found that rat or bear in the rubbish. Good eyes. Was a good story line with Ivan in that he wasn’t actually involved in the steeling of that computer and it ended up to be the high school kid. Why they make such a big deal like that train going the speed of light and Lizzie being able to talk him down. You ALWAYS know shit like that is going to happen. This is getting good with Lizzie and Tom now. I’m hating Tom more and more every episode. I’m so hoping he is just doing this and really does Lizzie but I dunno.

Bates Motel ~ 3/24/14

The weirdest part of this show was when Norman went to Caleb’s room and started spewing out the same shit that Norma was saying to him. I thought that was so crazy and I was glad that Caleb beat the shit out of him. For some reason I’m believing Caleb and not Norma. I can see her getting knocked up and blaming it on Caleb. The reason why is because he gave that money back to Dylan who yes I feel very sorry for. I hope this doesn’t ruin is character at all. He’s been very solid, even though he does illegal stuff, but the whole town is illegal. I like Emma and was made at Norman for not telling her what is going on with Dylan. She is so right that she has been through thick and thin with the family and doesn’t deserve to be held out of the mix now. I like her and Gunner and it seems to me that he likes her. Looks like he is going to be sticking around the hotel for a while so we shall see what that brings. I’m not sure what’s gonna go on with Christine and her brother with Norma. Christine is so nice to Norma and I am anxious to see where they are going to take it. Romero yes is going to go ballistic over his house being set on fire. That was some fire I tell ya. Ya I see she is going to go into business with Ford. That ought to be something and you have to know that Norman must have been involved with that fire because of his boss. I so dig this show. And yes Cody is going to be mean on this show and bring out an even meaner Norman. I was so hoping he’d have the balls to try and do him in. But did you see him threaten Cody with the crow bar? Good show.

Dallas ~ 3/24/14

Yeah this show is much better this year than last. That listening device in the booze was excellent and so JR’ish LOL You are right for Bobby to go along I was shocked but they had to do what they had to do. And I have to say I’m on Bobby and Sue Ellen’s side on this. I think they are going to set up for her to eventually become governor but hence the flask LOL That last scene was the bomb. Mama Madame is one of my favorites along with Elena and Nicholas. I think you are so right that they are going to end up getting Pam on their side and with JR fooling around with Emma she isn’t going to put up with that and go to Cliff’s side. Oh Ryland had the goods on his handler and that is the one connection I can’t figure out is the CIA. I know they are trying to bring down the cartel and it seems to me that Ryland is trying to get Mama Madame out of the picture because of that as well. I’m not sure. But you are right Emma is no match for either of them actually. I don’t know if it was just me but I think I see a hint of fondness between Annie and Ryland. I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes back to him as well. You are right about Christopher. LOL on the 10 carat. So true. I don’t like that chick. She’s the fly in the ointment but she is so on target with hen pecked Christopher LOL