TURN ~ 4/13/14

Him so John Andre sure did get a new spy in a fun way. I’m anxious to see how she is. I like Robert and he sure did get to the bottom of things. I can’t believe how they kept the bodies when they were killed. Did you see Abe puking? I can’t believe Robeson and Captain Joyce were doodling each other. Who would have thought and then he sure did turn that story around making it look like the drummer and has the goods on Robeson so you know he’s going to do what he wants him to do. Sure does put Abe in a spot. I felt bad for him when the barn was set on fire. Another huge flame. I was glad that he put two and two together and came up with Robeson. I told you Simcoe didn’t get killed but it so looks like he has the upper hand now that the General found out what Ben and Caleb were doing to him. They didn’t get much information. I felt bad for Anna when Abe said they couldn’t see each other any more and I felt worse for her when he told her Simcoe was missing and not dead. Was glad that Abe’s father believed him he didn’t kill Joyce but he sure isn’t letting up on the fact that it’s Anna. Good show.

Game of Thrones ~ 4/13/14

The show has been picked up for seasons 5 and 6 :) I can’t believe you knew Joffery was going to get killed soon this season and didn’t even tell me. LOL I am so glad that little bastard died. I thought all was going well and glad we didn’t have to suffer through much of the wedding and then when he brought out those 5 dwarfs and they did there thing making fun of Tyrion and then with that wine. That little rat bastard. I would stand up and shit yea I killed him. I’m so glad he’s gone. I can’t wait to find out who takes over for him. Margaery? I doubt it but she is the Queen but back in that day and age I don’t think they would allow that. Jamie certainly is going to get back to a fighting machine I think. Bronn was to much when he said they are safe there because he fucked a woman and no one could hear her LOL Loved the talk between him and Loras about Cersei. Who would want her. And did you see Loras flirting sort of with Oberyn? Some gaydar Enjoyed the insinuations of the killing of poor people and kids that Oberyn made when talking to Twyin and Cersei. And I think Twyin and Lady Olenna would make a good couple. LOL Brienne really loves Jamie and you watch Cersei’s jealously turn into a huge rage against her. I felt so sorry for Shae when Tyrion treated her so badly and kept calling her a whore and sent her way. He better watch out because Twyin told Cersei to send her to the Tower of the Hand. Theon is such a pussy still. I like the name Reek better LOL Roose is going to have a harder time, learning that Reek didn’t kill Bran Rickon, holding onto the North and Bran’s warging into his dire wolf was sort of weird and I wonder what this is going to lead up to. I did enjoy that tree though. Had to be in the future cuz he sees the Iron Throne all ratty looking. Was weird showing Stannis for the first time and he burns his brother in law. YEAH JOFFREY IS DEAD!!!! Best royal wedding I’ve ever seen.

Grimm ~ 4/11/14

I agree with you that this was one of the best Grimm shows they have had on. I loved all the plotting and twists and turns that they went through and you are so right that it tied up a lot of loose ends that we haven’t known. I felt so bad for Adalind. I loved it when she turned and all the windows in the cars shattered. I can’t figure out what they are doing having Mama Grimm take Diana. It just doesn’t make sense and yes Adalind is going to be super pissed off but I can’t believe she isn’t going to get her back. I love how Diana does her little thing and how Mama Grimm told her they are going to have to teach her not to do that in public. And telling Hank, Monroe and Rosalee the truth and bringing them into this was excellent to. I don’t know how they think this plan is going to work because they didn’t kill the prince et al. Seems to me like they are still in the same place before the resistance from Germany, and yes Monroe your German sounded good, stole Diana. I love Mama Grimm. She is one tough cookie. No Juliette that didn’t hurt my feelings much. Yes I wish Drew Wu would be on more LOL.

Hawaii Five-0 ~ 4/11/14

LOL why would I be mad. Doris has always been doing covert operations for the CIA under the cover name Shelburne. She was the one that was suppose to have killed wo fats father but apparently that didn’t happen. The grave had his mother and the guy that steve killed was also CIA and I guess he’s the one who botched the killing of wo fats dad. I don’t get yet how doris came out smelling like a rose but apparently she did. It was wo fats mom in that grave in Cambodia at least according to the guy steve killed. There is still some part of this story that we don’t know yet. Steve has never trusted his mother and we don’t know where she is or what she is doing or what her connection to wo fat is. We thought she was his mother. Remember she faked her death to protect her family from whatever she did in the CIA. So now that the guy that didn’t want steve to find out the truth about whose in that grave which i’m sure will lead him to find out more of the truth about his Doris. To tell you the truth I’ll be glad when this part of the show is over with. I mean the guy setting off the bomb was for Steve yet he drug the whole 5-0 team into almost getting hurt and it’s all about steve. It was good how steve and danny talked and I’m wondering how long Amber is going to be on the show. So we shall see what goes on. This is again the beginning of them getting rid of Catherine. I sure didn’t feel the love between the two of them in this episode. It’s not on next week…well it’s a rerun…so once again we have more time to forget what happened. LOL

Unforgettable ~ 4/11/14

I was surprised that they brought Jackie back. I so thought that she was dead. I liked this episode because there was more of Eliot (the boss) and Jay. That Eliot is so goofy but I like the little sense of humor that he brings to the show. I was sure that the cop that turned out not to be with the Russians was a bad guy. I thought that was pretty good and the plan that they came up with was good to. I didn’t think that they would arrest Jackie but it leaves it open for both her and Victor to be back on the show. I like how they film this show. The card came was good also. I knew she was going to pull her badge out and I’m just glad that she let them go.

Vikings ~ 4/10/14

OMG I love Earl Ingstad!!! She just keeps getting better and better on this show. Lagertha is so my favorite. And then Ragnar just riding around her. Very clever I think and they hit the nail on the head about him having it be hard now that they are equals. I also like the fact that Aslaug wants to be more like her because she’s formidable. That sure as hell won’t happen. I think when she gives birth that could be the end of her and Ragnar myself. We shall see. The talk with Bjorn and Ragnar was also very well done. It’s too bad Ragnar doesn’t do the same thinking with the correct head. LOL I couldn’t believe Horik when he said he would free Jarl Borg but again clever writing by giving someone hope while they are locked up. I loved the Red Eagle death as well. I’m glad that Bjorn asked Ragnar what it was before it happened. I think it was good for Bjorn to go see Jarl Borg before he died to get a sense of what he is going through before he watches what happens. Looks like he is going to Valhala What a gruesome death and yes you are right that sides are beginning to form and Ragnar is going to have plenty of enemies. Aelle is the first King that Ragnar raided remember? I loved the two weddings but like the Vikings one much better. Floki threw me a loop by not wanting Ragnar there but I can see his point. I’m glad that he came to his senses and wants to be a father. I’m anxious to see where they are going with that. Torstein and Ragnar were a riot when they were throwing swords and shooting arrows at each other. They are really showing the difference between Paganism and Christianity. I really liked this show. It’s the little details like Ragnar and the rat up front and the snake with Ragnar and the seer and with Jarl Borg. I was shocked that Rollo knew about Siggy banging Horik but he seemed to buy her stories. I think he had a spy on her myself and that’s what the payment was for earlier before Rollo started banging her and told her he knew. Excellent tonight. By the way I’m going to watch that WWII history mini series starting on Memorial Day.

TURN ~ 4/6/14

I’m going to like this show once I learn and get to know all the characters of course. I hate no shows when you have to go through this. It was sort of confusing to me most of the way through until Abe got told by Caleb that he was being tested by Ben and the rebels and passed the first test. I think he’s really a family man but now that Anna’s husband is jailed and she is his ex girlfriend I’m not so sure his wife is going to be around all that long, or she might be and be a thorn in his side. His father seems to be on the British side and he’s always going to be a thorn in his side as well. It was interesting that they were all child hood friends and now they have reunited and all seem to be working on the same side. I loved how Abe figured out that paper that had the holes in it that told him where the next target was by the British and the rebels ambushed them. Capt. Simcoe is a real bastard and I hope he get’s his. I can see how everyone thinks Abe killed the British Captain because he was out spying. I’ll be anxious to see who really did. I also enjoyed then Ben left that hat on one of the dead British soldier after he stole it and used it as his get up to get away in the beginning. The fat guy has to be the spy for the British. He sure did demand a lot to the British Major when they were talking in that room. Show really shows how hard it was to be a spy back in those days. Like I said in the beginning it was sort of confusing but there again it was the first show. Good enough for me to turn in again next week. Also Silicon Valley was good. Funny, nerdy and all about power and money. I enjoyed it.

Game of Thrones ~ 4/6/14

I love Arya. When she saw Poliver and remembered who he was and then stood over him and said the exact same words he said when he killed her friend and killed him with Needle … was the best. I loved it when she and Hound were both on their horses and that little grin on her face that she finally had her own horse was excellent. Him and Poliver talking about those chickens was so good I’m anxious to meet Catelyn’s sister Lysa Arryn as well. I also really like Oberyn. I think he is going to be a very good character and anyone with the name Lannister better watch out. It was good that they gave us the back story line on him and what an opening scene that was with him. My other two favorites Olenna and Brienne were good. I couldn’t believe how different she looks when dressed sort of like a woman. Her and Jamie were good. Seems to me like that bitch of a Cersei has lost her loving feeling for him. I liked how Tywin melted Ned Starts sword and gave a portion of it to Jamie. Wouldn’t you know he didn’t want Casterly Rock. I can see why because he wants to get the love juices flowing with Cersei. Will like to see how this all goes on. Sansa and Dontos I bet aren’t done yet but that necklace is going to come up again. Joffery is such a puke. I think he’s Cersei and Jamies son myself. What a twerp he is. I thought Jon was pretty good standing up to the council. Glad the blind man spared his life. He’s the only one that got what he was talking about. Poor Ygritte. I think she still wants him and I loved the scene with her, Tormund and the cannibals. They sure are getting an army together that aren’t afraid of eating Night Watchmen LOL. I thought Tyrion was good with Oberyn and he is still staying true to character. I was sort of mad that he didn’t have sex with Shae. She sure did let him have it about him trying to get rid of her by giving her that money. And the best Dany. I love her and those dragons. I was amazed how that one came at her but it’s so right that they are wild and hard to tame. I so hope they listen to her because like you I want her to rule the world as we know it. What an army she’s got and she has the most balls on the show besides Arya and the Hound. Loved those dead kids on the posts pointing the way to Meereen. Daario in the scene with those flowers he was giving to her…Greyworm is going to have a run for his money after her affections. Glad the show is back.

Hawaii Five-0 ~ 4/4/14

Kamekona and that helicopter are a riot. I just loved how he had the honeymoon couple in there and said they were getting extra and then didn’t even know about the compass until Steve told him. And it was a riot when they went to eat at his place and they were bitching about the price and he said the price of helicopter fuel is high. Perfect. Well you can see that they are starting the Cambodia thing. I thought that trip with Danny and Steve was sort of strange at the beginning but you can tell they are leading up to that. At least Steve and Catherine seemed like they were some what a couple this episode. Sort of good to see those older pictures of those kids. I like how they made Chin and Jerry look. Jerry seems to me that he could have loose lips i.e. when he was talking to the classmates. Gonna be a good addition to the show however.

Grimm ~ 4/4/14

I knew you would correct yourself. So my comment on Unforgettable isn’t for not LOL I loved how this was all about getting Adalind and the spawn back. I love how they turn the baby’s eyes purple whenever she does something. And as for Renard being the spawn daddy we are assuming that because Adalind said he was. I think it fits and I hope it doesn’t change. I was so glad they finally said how the Wessen get to tell that Nick is a Grimm. We have wondered that for years. And by the way this show just gets better and better. I felt bad for Meisner when Adalind said goodbye. He has helped her so much and I hope that he returns. Same with Sebastien. Mama Grimm left off right where she left off and it’s so good that she’s back. I loved the reunion scene and then Nick and her talking about killing Adalind’s mom and Nick making Adalind loose her powers. That was just perfect I thought. Did you notice when the head of the royal family killed the head guy looking for Adalind there was no blood in the room or when they were dragging him? I guess we aren’t suppose to look for that. Rosalee’s wedding dress is just perfect on her and I hope they change it to the day for their wedding so the sunglasses aren’t so hard to explain. It was good when Juliette, who yes I did admire for her helping Adalind and the baby and did look good, harassed Nick about still being found out. Was a great show.

Dallas ~ 4/7/14

First I noted down Murder in the First. Looks like it’s going to be good. One problem I know we both have with shows is when they do shit just to keep the show moving. They all do it. Well this week it was getting Sue Ellen out. But of course we know they did it so that John Ross didn’t have the votes. I was surprised that Nicholas is involved with the cartel and John Ross’ friend that was on last week. I think he could be in trouble now that Sue Ellen is out because I don’t see how they are going to go public. I didn’t get is why Bobby got the guy to do the IPO and think that John Ross is going to go after him when they knew Sue Ellen was out. I probably am over thinking this so we shall see. I still love Elena. I was proud of her for not wanting to show that video to Pamela because of John Ross doing her friend Emma. On the same hand I like that Nicholas sent it to her because I so want him to get caught at something and pay for his evil ways. Wouldn’t you know that Drew would come back to Dallas. I wanted Christopher to kill him but see why he didn’t. I hope the cartel gets him so that the plan that Elena and Nicholas have in place doesn’t fail. The poker game was excellent and John Ross sure did know what he was doing getting the sheik back on his side and now going to fund the arctic oil leases. However again I just don’t see how that’s all going to happen with Sue Ellen being released. Emma has plans for that dress big time and I had forgotten or maybe this is the first time we have seen it that Ryland has the photos of John Ross and the 16 year old whore. That’s going to back fire on him. I don’t know how Christoper can also get down on Elena for liking Nicholas when he’s doing Heather. I still think you are right that her and Bo are in cahoots to get money or something from him. Looks like Southfork burns next week. Should be a good finale. Let’s hope Mama Ryland is on LOL

Bates Motel ~ 4/7/14

As I said in Dallas, they always do things just to fit the show. On this one, it seems to me, that it was a time line problem. Norma sees the beer cap from Norman, that seemed like it was the next day and in the very next scene, Dyan is getting released from the hospital. But again, oh well. I loved Zane’s sister’s house and that marijuana set up was interesting. I loved the conversation about dirt. Of course we knew she would get the love juices flowing with Dylan. I thought it was very bold of her just to enter his room without him telling her to come in. I think she is smart to get him to watch over Zane and actually run the business. Dylan has his head on pretty straight and anyone is an improvement over Zane. And yes we have seen Zane’s sister before. She was Kitty on Boss. She has longer hair or that’s a wig. She’s also going to be in Murder in the First. I so wanted Emma to succeed when she jumped with that rope. I felt so bad for her but was proud of Norman for helping her and sticking up for her. I thought Gunner would do that but it seems like to me now that he is just using her. I can see why Norma did what she did about Norman blacking out and him not getting his driver’s license but that sure did set him off. I wonder if he is going to be mad at Emma for telling her. We sure do know what happens with Cody giving out that information. Yes it was an accident and I think he will be locked up for a while, at least it looked like that in the previews. I liked the flashback to him and Norma when he was a young kid. How coincidental that he killed his dad and now Cody’s dad is dead after he hid int he closet. Good writing. Yes Norma is going to cause havoc on the council and I hope she realizes that Nick is a bad guy. It seemed like she did when she called the deal off with him. I liked the scene with Christine’s brother and her. He is so right, she is the product, not her knowledge. I wonder if Christine is in cahoots with nick and they are trying to set Norma up. Did you hear her say Pine White Pine when talking to the mayor. So her. Back to Cody I love how she always come with that music blaring in her car. It so pisses Norma off. And yet another sign and I think they might get Romero and Norma together when he mentioned the curtains. Those love juices have got to start flowing soon LOL. By the way I read today that it has been renewed for season 3. Another 10 good episodes :)

Unforgettable ~ 4/4/14

This was a good show and I’m glad it’s back but Al and Carrie are by no means as good together as Monroe and Rosalee. LOL I thought what a good way to start this show with them getting married but was I surprised. I don’t know if they will ever get married or not. Would ruin the fun they can have now. Jay, Murray, Elliot and of course Joanne are a great supporting staff. This sort of had some good comedy in it. Not the stuff that’s real laughable but just enough to make it lighter. Yeah I was amazed the Dean on the University was the killer but it was a good story line. Carrie didn’t do as much remembering as she usually does in this. I enjoyed the part at the Chinese take out and how Al used that in the end. I like the filming of this also. It’s like Hawaii Five-0′ish LOL I just read that the ratings were down for the series opener but still had 7.5 million viewers. I would think that is good for Friday. H50 had 9.5 so that isn’t bad.

Vikings ~ 4/3/14

Athelstan I can’t figure out. I guess he’s the only one that see’s that blood and I wonder if that’s going to drive him back to Ragnar because he becomes disillusioned with Catholicism. Ecbert is sure going to make that difficult by swearing him to secrecy about all that old art work being done by the Romans and having him copy it all down. I like how that blood started coming out of him myself. I felt sooooo bad for Lagertha being beat by those bastards but was so glad that she stabbed her husband in the eye. I sure didn’t see that coming but he had so deserved it and then when one of his men beheaded him I cheered out loud LOL I was so glad to see him gone. He however did see that she really does love Ragnar but to treat her the way he did. I’m glad he’s gone and I hope Lagertha becomes the leader of his land. I like Bjorn with that slave girl. Her name starts with a P is all I can remember. I like how he is treating her and you can tell that she isn’t use to being used. We shall see how long Ragnar lets him behave so nicely however. I also cheered out loud when Rollo got his revenge, or at least he started it because it looks like that crazy Jarl Borg lives a while longer, on him. Loved that they burned his men and then went in and took him and started beating the crap out of him. At least he was decent enough not to have his wife killed. Aslaug needs to be beaten silly. That was however a good story she was telling her boys and relating it to the eagle dream that Bjog was having. It was good seeing Ragnar getting back to him old self when they brought Bjog in. He does listen to Aslaug sometimes. And poor Siggy having to bed Horik’s son even while he watched. I thought she was okay doing what she was doing but telling the seer she wants her status back apparently she’s not happy. I still really like her and hope it turns out okay for her. I can’t imagine what Rollo would do if he finds out she bedded Horik and his son.

The Red Road ~ 4/3/14 (Season Finale)

Well they so have to renew this series. If they don’t I guess it ended sort of the way I thought it would. I knew both Harold and Phillip would help each other during that last scene. You could see that coming all the time during this series. I liked how they went to when they were kids and show that Brian did commit suicide. And that Jean sure did play a psycho well in this episode. It amazes me how fast Harold got to her and it looks like she came to her senses for a while. I’m glad that she apologized to Marie. I thought that was pretty good. I sure didn’t see the dad coming there to kill Phillip and wouldn’t you know Junior would kill him. Wonder if he’s going to be back on the show. I was glad that Harold told the Captain he wouldn’t change the report. Good series and I do hope that it comes back.