Low Winter Sun ~ 8/18/13

Yeah I’m not so sure about this show either. All the cops are corrupt and it makes you wonder how the city of Detroit, or any other city, really gets any honest cops to work for them. I can’t believe those to set fire to the house and just sat there and watched, especially with IA onto them. I thought it was clever that they had the fluid checked to see if it matched the river water. Those dopers are going to have to pay to move into the new area more than they think. The taxes will always be there I’m sure of it. I think they knew they were going to have to pay to move into that area and not step on any toes. There is just so much corruption that I don’t know who to believe and who not to. I’m still gonna watch it however.

One thought on “Low Winter Sun ~ 8/18/13

  1. first of all I REALLY don’t like that black guy that helped frank kill mccaan… he is a miserable person. I don’t like frank either. as a matter of fact almost everyone on the show is a horrible person…. and I feel like that IA guy is suspicious of those 2 cops in the death of mccaan. every time he looks at them I feel like he is seeing all the little glances they do to each other. and I loved how that girl cop is an arab and could speak Arabic to that lousy storekeeper. those have got to be the worst cops ever. now they have committed arson on top of everything else. and those people that want to set up a whore house and dope house there and took all that dope to that old guy who must have control of all the beautiful parts of gorgeous Detroit MI… LOL LOL… what a show.

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