Klondike ~ 1/20, 21, 22/14

Monday 1/21: I really like this show and think they have done a fantastic job. I so enjoyed the relationship between Bill and Epstein, the quirkiness and fun times they have and was so glad that Bill wants to get justice for his death. I know that it’s not the eskimos but you can tell others aren’t believing that. I enjoyed that scene around the camp fire with them. Belinda is going to be one of my favorite characters also. Talk about having to be tough. She isn’t one to be taken lightly. I can’t imagine what those miners went through back in that time period. The scenery is so beautiful there. I was proud of the father also for putting up the cross and deciding to stay in the building that he made the church. The stealing and lying that goes on is just amazing, but I think that really was what it was like. The guy that keeps showing up trying to buy the claim is sure a player I tell you. One of my favorite scenes was the both of them getting on that sled and going down the mountain. It also amazes me, and I don’t know why, the bigotry that Epstein had to put up with. For some reason up in that area I didn’t think that would go on. I was also glad that Bill got his boots back for him after that fool stole them. What a change of life style for the both of those boys. They are going to have a hit on the hands with this show if you ask me.

Tue/Wed 1/22 and 23: Well I think this was a good series. I guess it’s all over with now. Wouldn’t you know that Bill would end up in Florida with an orange farm. I really liked Meeker, as much as Ep, and it was brilliant of him to hide those gold bars in the shitter LOL. One of my favorite scenes was the eskimo boy with the guard and him naming his baby Freedom. I really enjoyed that. Belinda is one tough cookie and I was surprised that she didn’t go with Bill and wouldn’t you know that she would end up a house keeper and broke. Those times up there must have been so hard on everyone and people just moved around so much. The diseases and filth up there must have been something. I never figured that the neighbor miner was the one that killed Ep and I was glad it was Belinda and not Bill that shot him. Soupy was something else also. Always a con man I tell you. The count sure did get his when he paid Belinda that 6K. I guess he must have gone broke. The music and scenery were absolutely wonderful in this show. I also liked that whore that went to work for the priest and that funeral they had for him was wonderful. That guy walking down the street leading the procession was good. I was amazed that Bill went back to the Klondike and never was heard from again. And poor Meek dying in the water and those gold bars going down the river. Was sad but at least he and Bill did what they wanted to do. I enjoyed this and hope that they can do something with more seasons like this. Thanks for the info on GF’s dad. I didn’t know that. Too bad he didn’t hit it big :)

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  1. mondays show: this is such a good show. i really like it. the scenery itself is just wonderful.. all the characters just seem to fit together. i loved ep and bill as friends and was so sorry when ep got murdered. so sad and yes i was shocked about the bigotry against ep cuz he was jewish… i would have thought anything goes up in the klondike. guess not…. i love belinda. she is going to be a good character and i think she and bill will end up thisclose….. i like that new boy that i think is going to be bills good friend. the old preacher is in for a world of hurt i am sure what with that other guy wanting that building… glad he put up the cross too… such weather they have… if its not snowing, its raining… so glad bill got those boots back for ep.. that was good. i will watch tomorrows show soon and get caught up. i really like the whole idea of this show and i too think it will be a hit…. in real life thom, gm’s father was a gold miner and he went up to the klondike when there was that gold rush up there. of course he didnt make it big but its fun to think about him being up there… that long long line of men climbing that mountain was something to see… the sled ride down was just so cute with those two young boys having such a good time…. great show…

  2. Tuesday: i just love this show… but it reminds me of the killing with all the rain. i was so glad that bill and meeker found the gold. and soapy is such a smarmy guy. always has a deal going. i cant stand the count or whoever he is. he has won the whole ball of wax because belinda was sick. i felt so sorry for her but i think she just gave up. i cant imagine how hard it would be for a woman to be up there in those times. bad enough now…. if they dare to kill those tlingits there would be a huge uprising, but i think the constable is having a change of heart since the whore told him off… i think he really likes her. she is so pretty. bill isnt going to rest until he finds out who killed epstein and i dont blame him. the preacher really didnt see who the guy was so he wont be any help…. so that is it for tonight. i will watch the next one tomorrow.

  3. i just loved this show and am shockedd its over … i thought it was going to be a long running series.. shows you what i know. i was so shocked belinda didnt go with bill and get away from dawson city.. poor meeker, i felt so bad for him. he was a clever person and i loved that he hid the gold in the outhouse…yuck !!! but when they got it out all those ingots were sure beautiful werent they? that was some funeral they gave the father wasnt it? i think he loved every minute of it. and imagine haskell went back up there and was never heard from again. hard to believe he was lucky enough to get out with his life and do something so great as to raise those beautiful oranges and he went back…. nutty !!! that was a great mini series. just really good. and btw… emily has gotten a new job with the history channel and she is just thrilled to death. she starts feb 4 and they own a&e, lifetime, bio and a couple of others i cant remember. and history does VIKINGS so maybe we will get some inside dope on them… so she is very excited…..

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