Homeland ~ Week of 12/2/12

I think the ending of the season we will find out what’s up with Estes and Quinn. I still can’t figure out what it is between them and if Nazir is dead they seem to want Brody dead. It’s going to be good though when we finally do find out but it certainly is a good twist. I loved the scenes with Carrie and Nazir and Brody and Nazir. They were very well written and acted out. You could still see that Brody was on Nazir’s side when he watched him die and I think it also shows that he is still true to Nazir as well. I would think now that Finn is a thing of the past. We can only hope because I’m getting sick of Dana and him. I also think it’s gonna be over with Jessica and Brody as well. Thank goodness for Mike LOL. Great show and a lot of suspense and great acting this week.

One thought on “Homeland ~ Week of 12/2/12

  1. what a great show this was! !! poor carrie and that girl is such a good actress. i felt so bad for her. i dont understand the deal with quinn. please explain whats up with him? what are all the glances between him and the black guy all about? ??i have to say having walden die didnt uoset me in the leadt. that was pretty ckever of nazir i have to say. the conversation between nazir and carrie was so real. that little a-hole dana is so awful and she and waldens kid finn are still nott out of the woods yet especially with the dad dying. i was soooooo nervous when brody was looking for that serial #i could hardly stand it… 2 episodes left. so great…

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