Homeland ~ Week of 11/18/12

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Yes that was Abu Nazir and I knew it was going to be him the minute that car started driving up. I’m not so sure I agree with you about Carrie lasting. I felt sick when they were listening to them fuck … I thought can you imagine but she is the only one that can control Brody even though she has let it go much further than that because she loves him she still is the only one that can do that so I think they give her a little more freedom and I bet that happens in real life myself. Who knows. I feel for Dana. It disgusts me that politics can pay off people like this and just pretend nothing happened. They sure did get to the daughter with the payoff and Dana I feel for. I don’t see it the way you do. You gotta remember she is a child. This show does keep you on edge. I think it keeps moving right along myself.

Even though I feel for Dana I so agree with Matt’s take on the Dana and Finn storyline:

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  1. i get so nervous watching this show i cant stand it. i cant believe how good it is. was the dude in the last scene abu- nazir? i am pretty sure it was. and that idiot of a carrie. she is more off the rails than brody is. she just wont listen to anyone. she wouldnt last with those cia people for 2 minutes in real life. they need to finish this up. i am getting sort of tired of it just going from week to week to week without ANYTHING getting close to a finish…. i am also sick of that daughter of brodys. i think she could kill herself. everyone tells her to butt out and she just doesnt get it. i can understand jow young she is and she Wouldnt get it… so lets hope something BIG happens next week….

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