Hawaii Five-0 ~ Week of 4/8/12

The show just doesn’t seem the same without Steve but it was still good I thought. I like how they did a lot of the focus on Max. I thought he was going to be a gonner in the end but I’m glad he killed The Trashman. I’m also glad that they didn’t dwell on that fact either. The end makes me wonder if Steve found out what he wanted to in Japan with Joe. It looks like he was leaving. Kamakono and his shrimp truck was to funny and to think that it was just impounded and them for him to tell Kono that the $200 bucks he will put on her tab. It was so him. I think the team did a good job without Steve but it just wasn’t the same.

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2 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 ~ Week of 4/8/12

  1. I agree with you that the show was not the same without steve but the troops did okay i thought. I liked how the show centered around max. He is such a cute little guy and brings a lot to the show. Wasnt that basement of that church the messiest damn place you ever saw? And i suspected that guy from the get-go at the church. The missing shrimp truck was so funny with kanekomo putting the $200 on kono’s tab. I think steve is headed somewhere else myself and there were no previews so i really dont have a clue. Good as always.

    1. You are so right about the church basement and could be right about Steve. I just assumed he would be heading back to Hawaii but you could be right. Max is just the bomb.

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