Hawaii Five-0 ~ Week of 3/18/12

I can’t wait to see this episode. Boy Ed Asner is busy this week also appearing in Hot In Cleveland, which should be excellent.

From TV|Line Ed Asner Previews His Hawaii Five-0 Encore, 36 Years in the Making: ‘He’s Still Spicy!’

OMG I loved Ed Asner on this show and the ending where he killed the chick and ended up with the diamonds and his money after getting the 5-0 team and HPD to not bother him any more. That was a stroke of genius if you ask me. He sure has gotten old but did a great job on this. Even trying to take the diamond with him and Kono nicely said “the diamond?”. Was real good. I loved the cakes that they made for Steve and the last one have salt in it. LOL They sure did get him. I thought Steve’s sister moved to California. I wonder how she ended up in New York? Oh well…just something we aren’t suppose to think about. Again the relationship between Danny and Steve is just terrific. I love to hear them bicker back and forth and nag each other. Was a good show. It’s numbers went down though this week.

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2 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 ~ Week of 3/18/12

  1. I have hated ed Asher for his politics BUT how clever of them to bring him back after all these years and have him outwit everyone….for now! !!! I am sure he will be back on to finish off the storyline. He did a good job. Love Steve and Danny together. Wasn’t it funny when Danny was dragging his surf board offthe beach??? I don’think a surfer is supposed to do that… lol! !!! That gun cake was so gooey looking and i didn’t know what the second cake was..i thought a hand grenade… and to have all that salt was so funny!!! The show is so much better with that drippy girl off the show. I don’t know why the ratings are down. Its so good and moves right along every week. Love it. Keep watching the background for places you have taken me in the past… lol.

    1. I forgot to mention also the back flashes with Ed Asner. Those were great putting them into the now. Loved that. Where Ed Asner met the dude with the diamonds for the first time was at Aloha Tower, where we went for Mother’s Day. That’s also where he killed the chick with the diamonds. You are so right about dragging a surf board. Big No No. I don’t get the ratings either. Stymies me actually.

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