Hawaii Five-0 ~ Week of 2/6/12

I am not watching Smash but it must have been good by the ratings because it out did Hawaii Five-0. Maybe it was because of The Voice lead-in. Not sure. But I will say that the show seems to me, the last couple of outings, to be poorly written and just put together. Last night was no different for me. It just doesn’t seem to not have a good cohesiveness. I’m glad that we got a back story on Danny and him whining just was out of character. Yes I know that Grace was help captive and maybe all parents would behave like that but he’s a tough no nonsense type of guy and it didn’t sit well with me. I was so hoping that Lori was faking her ankle injury and would make Steve go get something from the bottom of the stairs and then continue on up and win. But that sure didn’t happen. I sure do wish I could type as fast as she can on a keyboard like that. I also wonder if they are going to let Danny get away from shooting Stan. I mean I’m glad he just shot him in the shoulder but he just out and out shot him. I also want to know what happened to his ex-partner because if he goes to jail once is he going back again and Danny is going to have to worry about him coming out again? I just keep coming back to the fact that the story’s are put together by pieces and just don’t flow well.

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2 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 ~ Week of 2/6/12

  1. First of all, where are those stairs up the side of that hill in Hawaii????? And my truck was on the show this week….lol…i thought the show was pretty good mused but i DO agree with you being so whiney. I know he was concerned about grace but he was so lily-livered…glad all went well in the end. Its amazing how beautiful Honolulu is at night. The team wax sure working herd to help the sniveler too. They are good friends. I cant warm up to Lori.. lets hope smash was just enjoying opening night curiosity. Lol…

    1. It’s Koko Crater. It’s right across from Hanauma Bay. When you are going up the little hill to the entrance you can look over and see it. I want to do that. Lisa and Lynette have and says it’s difficult. So who knows. Maybe one day :) I also can’t warm up to Lori either. She just isn’t cutting it for me on the show. I think next week we will know if Smash keeps up it’s audience :)

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