Hawaii Five-0 ~ Week of 1/20/13

First of all it just amazes me what shitty aimers Danny and Wo Fat are. You tell me that Danny with that semi or full automatic machine gun couldn’t hit Wo Fat who had to keep loading bullets in his rifle and he couldn’t hit that damn helicopter? LOL That was just not too good if you ask me but I love how they brought Wo Fat back in with that. I am still sort of confused because I thought he was in prison, or did he escape yet again…I guess he must have. Danny and Steve are just too much. They are on the brink of making them be a gay couple, and I know they never will, but they sure do make them touch each other plenty. I know it’s a deep friendship and I like how they are with each other but it sorta is way to much that you wouldn’t see in real life I think. The best part of the show was Danny in the courtroom and then the very end when the judge ruled in his favor basically and then when the governor came in his shorts and slippers. Good episode but not the most realistic I’ve ever seen.

2 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 ~ Week of 1/20/13

  1. my first uestion is why all of a sudden are they calling steve “commander”? and i know he was anavy seal but the uniform was dumb.. i couldnt have been more shocked to see wo fat in that video. love the way they brought him back. and he is nasty!!!! i so agree with you about danny abd wo fat being such piss poor shots. it was laughable. love that lookout where steve and the guv shared beers. and i thought danny and steve hugging was great when he found out grace wasnt going to move….. love those guys and the guv was pretty laid back too… good show. !!!!!!

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