Hawaii Five-0 ~ Week of 11/18/12

Well it was good to see Steve’s sister. I wonder if they filmed this episode before she beat a friend or whoever it was LOL She got into some trouble. I liked the old guy and was glad that he came through for Mary to make her see her mom. It was more emotional than I thought it would be just because of the mother. Was a good episode. I always feel bad for Chin when he makes Kono do something and she gets in trouble. He always feels so bad. I bet the dad of the kid who was killed wished he would have been nicer. And watching Max walking correctly and always bantering with Danny is so good.

One thought on “Hawaii Five-0 ~ Week of 11/18/12

  1. i have to say that the dad was so nasty to the hacker son whi just got out of jail that i thought he was the one who killed his son.. glad that didnt happen. just an fyi… the dad on that show is the real life husband of that main character police woman on the killing on hbo… loved danny and max. they are so funny… and that flakey sister was pretty good. glad she saw her mom when all wwas said and done. shelley berman was the old guy in the wheelchair. he is a comedian from the ed sullivan days. i wouldnt be surprised if he NEEDED that wheelchair.. great show as usual…

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