Hawaii Five-0 ~ 1/31/14

Well the show was good in the fact that it was so good to see the original team back in action and how they cover each other’s back all the time. Danny and Grace were so good especially when she came clean outside and said that she is no rat. I’m glad that Danny came to his sense and saw that the punishment was too much and then commented to the fact that she’s got a good right. Parrish was something else. How in the hell he got in Danny’s car and the two of them didn’t see him in the back seat is beyond me. I like how they tied it in with his daughter like Danny and Grace. It’s too bad that he didn’t get to make things up to her because he got shot. But I guess it’s better late than never.

3 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 ~ 1/31/14

  1. I too can’t believe that guy hid in the backseat without being seen. Doesn’t make any sense at all to me. Loved Danny going to the principal’s office with grace. She . Is a cutie I think. Love chin on his bike but aren’t there helmet laws in Hi? He didn’t have one on. I just love the relationship between the sweat guy and Steve… the team really took those bad guys down big time. The guy that plays Parrish is always in trouble in real life… he’s been around forever. I love it when they are all together at the end. Great people…. Great show

  2. First of all I wrote sweat above…. that is supposed to be Swat… and I forgot to say where is Adam???? And another thing … I don’t like how Steve and Catherine’s romance is going Nowhere fast!!!! They barely spoke to each other in this episode and Steve got a little friendly hug after they got away from Parrish.. I don’t get it

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