Harry’s Law ~ Week of 5/27/12 (Series Finale)

I really don’t know what to say about the ending of this series except that they did it perfectly. I wasn’t much interested in the trials except it was Harry at her best. Phoebe cracking up Adam, Chunhua getting her resignation rejected. Ollie and Cassie and Affirmative Action and then having the judge show up at that party. Even to have Malcolm return was so touching. Sam was a riot with Harry. Harry singing that song and then going to the cemetery as sooo good. I got tears in my eyes when everyone showed up, especially Roseanne. They were all in such character and it was just moving and the best way they could have ended it. It sounded to me thought that they were expecting to be picked up. But oh well. Damn NBC.

2 thoughts on “Harry’s Law ~ Week of 5/27/12 (Series Finale)

  1. I agree with everything you said about this final show.. Harry was superb.. gruff and caring at the same time. The trials were immaterial i thought except for the screaming matches between ollie and cassie. Loved how they ended it all between those two tho. They are so cute together. Adam and phoebe seem like a mismatch but they seem to like each other a lot. Loved how harry wouldnt accept keenwah’s (sp?) Resignation. So funny. The party at arnolds with all those people showing up (sam was hysterical) and then the so touching ending with all of them at the cemetery. I sort of felt like they were burying the show…. i will so miss tommy and harry and roseanna and all the rest. I got tears in my eyes too thom. It was one of my favorite shows EVER… i hate nbc with a passion… goodbye to such a great show.. so sad :(

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