Harry’s Law ~ Week of 4/8/12

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OMG I so loved how Harry was with the attorney that had the nail in his head. I felt bad for Adam having to tell the truth on this and it just set up what the blonde attorney wanted to do and that’s get him to come to work with her. I wonder if he is going to because in the end, it certainly did look like he might be thinking that way. I love how Harry handled the prosecutor in the shooting case and I especially like the way she handled the mom. I wonder how many people really don’t listen to their attorney’s like that and the attorney has to think on their feet during trial. And the chick and Chunuah. I can’t believe what is going on there. That finger sucking was something else. Great show.

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5 thoughts on “Harry’s Law ~ Week of 4/8/12

  1. Loved the show. Seemed like harry had sooooo much on her plate and managed to juggle it all well. That icky prosecutor is so strange and horrible looking its hard to look at him, but it was fun. Loved his grace at the dinner with harry and her munching on the bread stick. I didnt like that mother and felt sort of like she was lying about her daughter loading the gun… poor adam. Seems like nobody takes him seriously and he is a sad little man. Love the blond that nutcase lawyer hired to defend him. Sshe has turned that llaw firm of harry’s upside down. I think adam IS excess baggage on the show. All he does is keep chinwa happy.bthat chick that sucked her finger is crazy.. next week looks like fun. Love that whole cast…

    1. I forgot to mention the grace at the table with Harry opening her eye. Was funny. You are right she had a lot on her plate. Adam is excess baggage. I wouldn’t mind seeing him go.

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